Lies, lies, hair dye and more damned lies. Rudy G roots out another dark dark mistruth.

The Incredible Sulk- Don't Make Him Madder! 

The president is a poor lost soul,
In two months he's bound to take a lesser role,
But that day is a long way away
And while he plagues this House the rat will play.

For if he accepts he'll have to quit-
And that'll take a bona fide miracle or legal writ-
He'll blame some deep state plot
Like QAnon's latest Ridickylous 'Believe It Or Not.'

Don wants to have losers! votes dismissed,
His lapdogs lawyers trot to court with a long long list,
Trials into next year are the long term goal,
Sadly, Judges dismiss 'em all with a quick eye roll. 

Don's crusty lawyer ain't doin' so GreaT,
Bald faced lying while hair dye runs down his pate,
He only wants Don's the truth to be discerned,
So, as is his nature, Rude won't leave no rock unturned.

SciFi Fantasies are fu  fogging up Don's days,
His is a single minded focus that borders on malaise,
With quarter of a million voters certified dead
Who hopes Don takes a kick breath to clear his head?
No sweat, Donny me boy!

9 thoughts on “Lies, lies, hair dye and more damned lies. Rudy G roots out another dark dark mistruth.

  1. There is no level to which Donny and Rudy won’t sink;
    No lies are too baseless to supporters who don’t think.
    The base believes without evidence the most shameless of claims
    While the country goes to hell, and truth goes up in flames.

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    1. A fine rhyming summation once again. Ain’t it strange, we prayed for November 3 to deliver us from evil, now its a slow wary crawl till January 20. It is totally shameless and baseless. That prat boy is making it hard to eke much humour out of the flaming ruin of the last four years that have befouled us.

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  2. From hero to zero in nineteen easy years…
    Yesterday he argued if you take out Wayne County votes from Michigan tally, his puppetmaster would have won that state. Which is true… but irrelevant , since their votes count and the state’s biggest city and most of its suburbs are in that county.

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    1. First up comment is, sadly, spot on. Any goodwill for a good job then has long gone now.
      Typical lawyer move, shifting and twisting logic to suit his base needs. If you took out every ‘burg with a population of under 1000 God fearing souls in the dusty rusty interior of the States the country would be bright blue from sea to shining sea. So what? But we live in a real world, even if Rudy and Don will keep on a’denying it.

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  3. It’s stunning how far Rudy has fallen. Twenty years ago he was “America’s Mayor”, with his admittedly deft handling of the Twin Towers falling in his city. He did and said all the right things.

    Flash forward, and now he’s doing and saying all the wrong things, criminally so. He hasn’t just tarnished his image, he’s bludgeoned it to death, all in service to a cretin who will toss Rudy aside the very second he’s no longer useful. Something is clearly wrong in his brain. Is it the hair dye? Or just a sociopathic need for attention?

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