Christmas is just around the corner folks, it’s time for our end of year round up. We don’t wanna boast but…

(This began as an entry for Chel Owens A Mused poetry comp but snuck off on me. Again.)

Christmas Catch Ya'll Up. / John Deere Letter.

Hi guys, it's time to keep ya'll in the know,
With the festivities near we've horns to blow,
Folks do tell 'times is hard and the 'conomy's shot'
But we're happy as clams, cause we've got the lot.

Hubby Bubba's gone up yet another pay grade,
He must've sold every pickup truck Jeep made,
The twins is gettin' schooled and topping their class,
We're hopin', with luck they'll scrape a C and even pass!

Cody done won the Jumbo stuffed bear at the tri-county fair,
Took down them three ducks with two rounds to spare,
At the bake sale mah apple pie took out first prize as well,
The only Blue Ribbon you'll stick on this Southern belle.

Our Jolene is playing Virgin Mary in the nativity play,
Their damn Rodeo's ain't playing Joseph, if I have my way-
No mistletoe kisses a'tween Jo Hatfield and Rodeo McCoy,
I sez 'Jolene, you don't have no truck with that bad boy.'

But then that dang new preacher had to up'n speak
'Let's try to forgive and forget, turn the other cheek,'
If I believed that liberal trash I'd be a'wineing at Mass-
This Southern Baptist knows Rodeo's coveting Jolene's ass.

Still, I must say they look good together, they act pretty tight,
They've practised at the Church Hall religiously every night,
Now Jo is a shining star as Mother Mary, positively glowing,
We're praying, when Christmas comes Jo won't be showing.
‘Oh, oh, Sweet child of mine.’


9 thoughts on “Christmas is just around the corner folks, it’s time for our end of year round up. We don’t wanna boast but…

  1. No, it was the poetry prompt, but when I saw them Beverly Hillbillies it seemed too serendipitous to not throw in, especially the closed eyes of Granny! The caption sprang to mind after reading a certain musical WordPress blog though…

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  2. Brian: “Well, I ain’t the shiniest milk bucket in the barn, but this sure smells like you hatin’ on my Okrahoma family and whatnot. What I ever done to you make you so ornery? I think these be fightin’ words, cuz it ain’t right you messin’ with us inbreeds. How ’bout you meet me behind Uncle Brother’s moonshine still and we settle this man ta man? I ain’t scared a you and your fancy words,”

    Freud: “Dagnabbit, the timer just done buzzed and this session be over. Time for you to put that long-sleeve jacket back on and let the nurse man take you back to your cell room.”

    Brian: “But I ain’t done fussin’ ’bout stuff.”

    Freud: “Don’t matter what you want. This here HMO contract says you only get one hour ever month. Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

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  3. Sorry If’n I upsetcha Brian. Stepunclebrothercousin Cletus said ya’ll won’t take on no offence. if I spill the beans just a lil’. That Freud fella- he’s talkin outta his hat too. Callin’ me touched upside the head!? No Oedipal complex here, just ask sweet Mamma.

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