Don and Rudy spend 3 million bucks looking for votes and come up with zero return. Bad business, Don, a bad deal.

A Tilt At The Scales.

When Don- sadly!- came up seven million votes short-
The Base line is he's reliant on truly deplorable support-
It was time to go for recounts in every State he'd lost,
Saying to Rudy 'To hell with Democracy, and the cost.'

 Don found he was not just Greatly disappointed
To emerge from the big game Hugely outpointed,
It was a pain in the butt seeing he's drooping behind,
Getting a spanking really put his panties in a bind.

In Milwaukee County a recount brought forth the retort
That Donald's three million spend-up was all for naught,
Yet Don's Supremely confident post votes will be tossed,
Rudy agrees, but behind his back it's all fingers crossed.

Even an Amy-able Republican judge, someone Don anointed
Finds following Rudy's pretzel logic requires being triple-jointed,
She might praise Don to high Heaven but Justice must be blind 
And any  fool can see he's lost the big election, and his tiny mind.

“C’mon Amy, be a devil.”


4 thoughts on “Don and Rudy spend 3 million bucks looking for votes and come up with zero return. Bad business, Don, a bad deal.

  1. Pentecostal Amy did show a surprising smidge of gumption, but methinks she will still prove to be a thorn in the side of Lady Liberty. And another foul-smelling, long-lingering stain of the Trump socio-pathology…

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  2. Yep, it’s always a worry when one of Gods children takes a knee before passing judgement down here on earth. I have nothing against faith but I hope and pray she doesn’t see her God being the foundation of the law. Keep the Lord talk for Sundays Amy, please.

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    1. Yes, Barr not basically bowing and scraping at the hem of Don’s raiments is… astonishing. No doubt he is the next one to be accused of grievous disloyalty and unpatriotic behaviour by the Don. How feeble is Don’s grasp of reality to keep this nonsense up? It’s childish, in the extreme. SAD!

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