So, Rudy, Don’s good friend; Could your timing be more sickening?

A Bad Sad Case.

Rudy Giuliani has really really tried
To turn this election to the Dark Side.

Rudy G's dredged up all the dirty tricks,
He's tossed a heap of hogwash into the mix,
He's awash with gesticulations and facial tics,
He's tried High courts, base appeals, but nothing sticks,
As the year wends his cracked dry lips he nervously licks,
Looking at his briefs he's sweating bullets and shitting bricks.

Every lousy case he brought has been DENIED,
Now Rudy's as ruddy-faced as an expectant bride.

His fart fatuous claims come fast and thick,
The sweat sluicing off his pate, like an oil slick,
Which makes sense, since Rudy is obviously sick;
His eyes behold the fevered gleam of a raving lunatic,
Yet the most unpardonable Republican since Tricky Dick
Needs immunity well into into next year- or another little prick.

‘So, that’s a mask, is it? Interesting.’



8 thoughts on “So, Rudy, Don’s good friend; Could your timing be more sickening?

  1. Well, it’s just morally wrong to hope people get really ill or die but experts (the people he scoffs at) predict the US will top 300 000 deaths from Covid by the weekend. that leaves 11 000 spots open, Rudy… you don’t think that social distancing is necessary so feel free to push into line.

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    1. I’m kind of of the same mind about wishing ill on people but when it comes to spouting unmasked ignorance what can you do? Plus, you can’t fake this sort of news with an ironic twist. It’s enough to make me consider nominating him for an honorary Darwin Award.

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      1. kinda like how my dad wants to get a Donald Trump US dollar coin… the States have issued coins honoring all the presidents… all the DEAD presidents. They have a rule against putting living ones on coins!

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