Learnings to take from Electoral College; Some remain a little late on the uptake.

Punch That Ticket.

Well kiddies, school has played out at last,
These past four foolish years have painfully passed,
Now it's time for you dummies to wise up fast
Before you're forever classed amongst the dumb-assed.

The class clown has run out of time to run amok,
The idea of not being centre stage causing a nasty shock,
The ol' bone spurs have slowed down the cocky Jock?
Now not even his full Court press can stop the official clock.

Now that the leader of that MAGA hatter band
Must try to understand he is losing all sole command,
Perhaps a few will rise, principles cupped in hand
Stepping from the silent shadows to take a belated stand?

Agin a guy whose self beliefs lie towards the compulsive?
Whose vile denials truly do border on the sickly revulsive?
Why stay and placate a man so childishly impulsive?
Surely not all clad in Republican red are that repulsive?

Even as the road to reality continues to widen
Any fool  would concede the trail leads back to Biden...
If you must be part of the wreck Democracy died in
Buckle in, Bub- the Pity Party Bus will get rough to ride in.

‘And Mar-a-Lago is lovely this time of year, Melania says.’



9 thoughts on “Learnings to take from Electoral College; Some remain a little late on the uptake.

  1. great poster!
    It’s getting beyond the point of insanity. Even if you’d asked most of these “MAGAhatters” as you put it, about 5 years back “hey – if there’s an election and you don’t like the outcome, should you be able to simply nullify it and ignore the results?” and they’d be on your tushy about being a “commie” or “facsist” and what make America great is democracy, democracy… Fast foward to 2020.

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  2. Yes, Democracy gets knocked into a cocks hat if Your Chosen One didn’t win. Courts, recounts, death threats, all so you can serve- in the biblical way- the people. Not only sad but frightening. Don will sooooo be badly judged in future, but let us not forget his follow/fellow enablers.

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    1. exactly so… there’s only so much one man can do in that respect, he should have been shown the door already by the rest of his party telling him, be a man, you lost, shut up, now let’s get to work planning for 2024. but instead only about one in ten of the “GOP” have the guts or sense to say that.

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  3. I’m so sick and tired of all things Trump,
    I wish that in the lake, he’d jump….
    And if the lake were full of piranha,
    It couldn’t happen to a nuts-er prima donna.

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  4. Another fine reply, from another Sir, and as well spoken;
    Sad To Repeat.
    It makes me sob,
    It makes me cry,
    To hear such complete deceit,
    And to see his mindless mob
    Eat up his every vile bilious lie
    And stomach every gut-wrenching tweet.

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  5. Well, he’s only got little hands so he doesn’t even have much in the way of fingernails to hold on with…
    Sadly the news comes this morning of him forcing through some last minute executions before he officially departs, so there are apparently still even more deaths on top of the pandemic ones to be added to his count before it’s over.

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