Christmas is nearly here, time to start accumulating those memories that last the whole year long.

Hapless Christmas.

Jolly merry Christmas again draws near
Filling me with nausea, not good cheer,
For for fifty- one weeks I've slaved away
To pay for last years 'happy' holiday.

I've had miserable luck with lottery draws-
My best bet's on that real long shot Santa Claus,
My kiddies belief on him remains unshaken,
Is it only me the mean old codger's forsaken?

Santa please add me to your delivery list,
Lately I've been the one you've somehow missed,
This good ol' boy has been good, so why is it
You cain't once favour me with a flying visit?

And I need some of your largesse, believe you me
To help me survive the annual spending spree,
Leave me some goodwill when you grace our place,
Say, something crisp and green, in an attache case?

You well know, Santa, the poor year I've had,
The kids were so good, the 'conomy so damn bad,
I asked the boss for a rise, reflexively he resisted,
Hopefully Father Christmas won't be so tight-fisted.

But I  can't complain, though hours and money's down,
Covid's left my once buzzing office like a ghost town,
So one wrong word and my white Christmas turns black,
My Boss would secretly, Santa like, love to gimme the sack.

On Christmas day, shall my offsprings eyes shine?
Happily they will, but not nearly as tearily as mine,
'Cause in this poor house Santa has not yet set foot,
No filled stockings on the fireplace, no trace of soot.

The  gifts arrayed there are the few I've hard bought-
Plus, Walmart saw me coming, bastards sold me short,
Mine eyes will be red and running, my cheeks dripping wet,
Again my no-show Santa will drop me deep in the shi debt.

(One dragged up from the vaults, plus an updated verse- because of the year we've all had.)


9 thoughts on “Christmas is nearly here, time to start accumulating those memories that last the whole year long.

  1. So, I’ll just be printing this out and leaving the copy on my own mantel because, yep, same here.

    Bit of a heads up: WP Admin –> Settings –> Discussion –> Other Comment Settings –> Activate (if not already on) Enable Threaded Comments and then bump the tally up (I use 10, most themes default to 3). This will let you have longer threads and not have to start a new thread after three entries.

    If you already know about this, excuse the ring. It’s just that I’ve noticed a few times lately where you start a new comment with your fourth entry and I wondered if you knew…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Thanks also for any tips, I’ll look at it. WordPress and I have a love/ loath/hate/great relationship at the best of times. The block editor with its whimsical ‘improvements’ drove me to despair, so I’ve felt my even publishing something has been a success against all the odds. Still, next year I’ll be full of resolutions to resolve some of my titchy tech issues (he said hopefully.) Also, good Sir Brian, of Bonnywood, Happy Christmas, may the new year beat the holy bejusus out of this one.

      Liked by 1 person

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