Time to review my New Years resolutions?

(Posted after a prompt from Chel Owens A Mused Poetry competition, prompt being ‘New Year Resolutions’ limerick style.)


It's time to repeat the same damned vow I swore
This time last year, as I've done many years before,
My now traditional annual end-of-year vow-
'Next year I'll be a better man than I am now,'
So many broken promises, still plenty more in store.

‘Hey babe, trust me, this year’s the charm.’


5 thoughts on “Time to review my New Years resolutions?

  1. One thing I’ve learned about resolutions? Stop documenting them in any way. It’s bad enough when you fail with your personal goals. It’s worse when other people know you have failed and seek some degree of sadistic pleasure in pointing out said failure. “Say, didn’t you vow to stop drinking a vat of vodka every night? What happened with that?”

    It’s just such a beatdown.

    Of course, I will most likely ignore this sage advice, come January 1, at which point I will post a whimsical yet tender soliloquy wherein I promise to be a better man, only to stumble the very next day. Vicious is that cycle…

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    1. I mean my end-of-year promises too, really I do. It’s just that I easily put last years promise in the past. And I am adept at fooling myself anyway, because my I’m a fool to myself. My wife tells me so, often. Every turn of the year, in fact.

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