Ding a ling goes the phone; Who’s gonna take it?

Unwelcome Call.

Donald had Brad Raffensperger dangling on the line,
Demanding the ashen Secretary of State do the divine,
'Conjure those non-existent votes and make 'em mine,'
Even for Brad this is beyond the pale, way over the line.

Brad looks at the phone with a disbelieving look,
Don demands another term, by hook or by crook,
Don's delusion of grandeur look clearly text-book,
You can't find nuttin' no matter how hard you look.

Fact is, Don believes petty illegalities are of no never mind,
Fact is, he'll blithely deceive, though theres no votes to find,
Fact is the tape shows Donald's imagination runs unconfined,
Fact is, no votes to be found mean Don's lost his flippin' mind.


9 thoughts on “Ding a ling goes the phone; Who’s gonna take it?

      1. yeah – here in Texas it was news when Congressman Coryn said he won’t vote to disallow the election results. Who’d have thought (a year or two ago) that merely stating he , an elected official, is in favor of democracy, would make him a role model (and a villain to half his party!)

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        1. Plus, it seems your fearless leader has helped turn one- maybe two- seats Democrat. I realise, to the dyed in the wool MAGAs a little Fascism/overturning the will of the voters don’t matter anyway, ‘coz its all about bein’ robbed by the Elite Deep State Fake News shadowy operatives, all out to get us, the God fearin’ gun totin’ Right votin’ Gotta Protect ‘Merica from THEM!, even if it means the end of Democracy. Wow. Got a little steamed up and ranty there. But for those poor Trumped up followers, let’s spare a little thought. For them.

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  1. I especially enjoyed Raffensperger’s appearances on CNN the night of the Georgia elections. He was trying to be fair and balanced with this words, initially, but you could tell by the expression on his increasingly haggard face that we was SO done with the Trump administration….

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    1. Didn’t see that, here we’re in the dark ages entertainment wise- except for Fox News AKA the Comedy channel- but with the latest rats and lemmings bailing from the good ship White House mean he won’t be feeling quite as lonely. I can but imagine how Brad felt, but you make your bed of lies…

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