At last, the long awaited cure for the dreaded affliction of Foot to Mouth disease.

Hush a Bye Bye/ Potus Gets The Message.

First, my electoral defeat-
That left me a tad downbeat,
Struck dumb by shock, sad to say,
'Twas indeed a dark blue/grey day...
But now I had grievous cause to bleat
About the GreatesT ever electoral cheat!

Lies, all lies, but lies I'll happily repeat,
Easily flicked out by a simple tweet,
But now I read, with deep dismay
They took my tweet voice away!
Where fantasy and fable meet!
Now my misery is complete.

‘Not Twitter! No, not that! Ach, the inhumanity!”

6 thoughts on “At last, the long awaited cure for the dreaded affliction of Foot to Mouth disease.

  1. pretty incredible when the “most powerful man in the world” can’t be on Twitter or Facebook because no one can trust him not to incite a riot or revolution. But these are the times we live in…
    Don’t know if you’ve seen any of this, or the book, but John Lithgow has a little fun with the subject in a book he wrote:

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  2. Nice, Dave- my wheelhouse! Luckily it seems we won’t be cursed by His not Excellent Donald the First, ironically (moronically?) thanks to a loyal mob, spurred on by the resident nut job. (I must stop this, I speak in rhymes when I don’t mean to- starts out as a simple comment.) It’s great to see people with a profile that relies on public popularity standing up for what’s right. Of course, we must suffer the odd Kevin Sorbo too. Xena is rightly angered!

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  3. And once the wretched beast was shunted from his beloved weapon, the Cowardly Lyin’ scampered across the Land of Twitter, desperately shoving his evil ooze through portals with other screen names, only to have said portals quickly slammed by the Gatekeeper of Twitter. The Blackened Man in the White House grew darker, desperate, distanced, weeping acid balls instead of tears…

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    1. Sounds like todays reading from the Bonnywood Bible, taken from the Book Of Impych is a tale of righteous punishment brought down upon the Holy Confederated of Flag Bearers of ‘Merica. The lesson being, never believe the blustering words emitted by the falsest of hollow idols. May the congregation be upstanding and join me in a glorious ‘Hallelujah?’

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