What’s in store for for those of a Criminal Mind? Let’s hope they’re devils for punishment.

Hard Time(s)

Patriotic Republicans proudly boast
'Law And Order' first and foremost,
So, pray, what kind of sense must they be making
Of the latest gang Hell-bent on Housebreaking?

Law Abiders who found it oh so concerning
When Grand Old businesses were burning?
Cries about dark matters to be be silenced with no discourse,
Blind justice must be meted out with swift and undue force!

But when Patriots wave the barred flag,
Protecting the bad name of Fort Bragg?
But, by God when they believe they speak for all the nation???
Christ, then you should hear their Righteous indignation!

Flaunting their colours on the street,
Glass breaking under stamping feet?
Chanting and frightening the frail and defenceless?
Invading property, beating dutiful police senseless?

When you do the Capitol crime
Shouldn't you do Capital time?
And since we're passing comment on Capital punishment-
It's favoured by the current outgoing inciteful President.

                         ‘Desecrating America again.’ 


10 thoughts on “What’s in store for for those of a Criminal Mind? Let’s hope they’re devils for punishment.

  1. I heard one person here call it a “peaceful protest” with a straight face. There’s just no reasoning with that kind of brainwashing.
    One wise person summed it up by saying at least Benedict Arnold now has someone to keep him company in the history books now.

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  2. Double-speak two-facedness with a strait faced twist. Contorted convoluted ‘thinking.’ IF it’s a peaceful protest why bring along confederate battle flags? I guess it all makes sense on some level. A shallow minded but deeply subterranean one. Anarchy in the USA?

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    1. I saw the toronto Sun cover the day after (online) and they just had headline “Anarchy” in about 2 inch high letters on top of a photo of the mob. How much of the world sees it, and why not?

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      1. Oh yeah, the world does see, and it is the ugly ‘Merican at its shambling drooling low browed worst. (No offence to my brothers, one of whom happily remains there. To be fair he votes Dem and is just as appalled as most.) Believe you me, Don’s America is not projecting a Great look.


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