After a week of sulking, Don does the write thing. Sorta.

Please Explain Letter.

The Republicans received this letter, signed and sealed,
Its creased and crumpled contents can now be revealed;
A missive from the President that actually appealed?

'My loyal friends, some think Your President may have erred,
Given a speech that rabble-roused, not patriotically stirred,
It's my sworn duty to tell you 'That's not what I heard."

'My Great impromptu speech fairly rattled along,
It's possible I may have come on a little strong,
But dare I say, few with me will say I did anything wrong.'

'I'm obliged to say I did not rashly stir up that crowd,
But Boys, if you do trash talk let's make it loud and Proud,
And everyone knew I meant 'Only peaceful protesting allowed."

'Some days when my loyal crowd is baying
'Midst the banners waving and the spittle spraying
They might not hear my plea- hear what I'm saying?'

'Naturally, I'd like to say I filled a Presidential role,
I even said I'd join em on a quiet downtown stroll,
I'd heard that mob was well acquainted with Con/troll.'

'I thought at the Capitol they were bound to halt;
Words failed me when I saw 'em up and revolt,
Anyways, what I can say is 'That ain't my fault."

'As they slid into anarchy so did my heart  lift sink,
After years of dog-whistling and tipping the wink
Who am I to call out that mob, tell 'em what to think?'

'We all know when I go off my Scripts I tend to be blunt
But the backsliding from you I take as a personal affront,
C'mon, we know I've still time to conduct my own Witch Hunt.'

'So, my trusted friends, lets laugh off this vote to impeach,
I'll try to clean up the excesses of my all-too free speech;
Since you all swallowed that joke I injected about bleach.'

'Once we all sang from the same song sheet,
Your constant chorus of praise rang so sweet,
Now I don't hear a peep, not one damned tweet.'

'Sorry if my sorry speech caused you sorrow
But I hope 'n' pray you'll say Right by me tomorrow,
And by the way, anyone got a Bible I can borrow?'

As Don's  'unlawfully dishonourable' judgement nears
By a jury of, Donald could never say, of his peers,
Another letter of explanation- in Capitals- appears...

'My Followers, though you and I are Much Maligned
NO Lawlessness, NO Vandalism NO Violence of Any Kind.'
A better letter would have simply said he's resigned.

If there's one thing Don can still flat-out refuse
It's believing in a crazy world  where he can lose,
He remains deeply, thickly fixed in his fake views.

'Nancy's talk of impeachin' me is nasty, not nice,
MAGA friends, might this half-hearted apology suffice?
Or must I humbly beg your pardon twice?'

‘Householder, Payment overdue!’


6 thoughts on “After a week of sulking, Don does the write thing. Sorta.

  1. Give him a prepared speech, IF he sticks to it he seems… Almost Presidential. If he goes off the cuff and speaks his ‘mind’ it’s a quick step off the deep end. Also, in that last ”My people don’t’ do’ speech he still didn’t say anything about legal results of an election. He dully says the words before him because he has to, but without conviction. Those multiple convictions will come later, I hope.
    One week, one more week, let’s get through one more week…

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  2. I’ve somehow managed to fall woefully behind with my proper and timely appreciation of your posts, so, first and foremost, please forgive. I’m not sure what happened, a phrase that was often overheard in the Trumpian White House.

    For me, these taped videos of Trump feigning mea culpa are atrocious. Even worse? The now-documented reports of Trump cheering on the insurrectionists as he watched the telly in his secure bunker…

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    1. Hey , we are living in strange times, I appreciate any feedback, and God knows watching the Trump train wreck come to a shuddering halt and not turn into an all consuming 10 megaton explosion, taking everything out with him- That has had a time consuming and horrible fascination of its own.
      Now he is gone, let’s hope theres enough Republicans with (late) conviction to impeach his sorry misleading ass. Funny how the ‘lock her up’ wild eyed Reps of 2016 are already saying ‘forgive, forget.’

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