Winter brings a sad and moving tale. Hey, but at least now we’re getting somewhere.

Property Deal.

They talked of changes in the neighbourhood...
Still, its breathtaking how swift it's come about,
That unwelcome squatter hung in as long as he could
But patience has run its course, he's been turfed out.

The last big ass U-Haul truck idles at the back door,
All the furnishings of House and Office packed away,
One last look, a heavy sigh echoes round the empty floor,
It's a Sad day being told you've overstayed your stay.

He'd done his very worst to extend his lease,
He'd searched for an escape clause to no avail ,
He'd not leave, not without forever saying his piece;
Threaten him with debtors prison, he won't bail.

Yet more misdemeanors to add to his damning list;
Sending rude messages, annoying parties all night long,
Breaches of the peace, refusals to cease and desist,
Ignoring calls to tone down what just sounds wrong.

The dumb dude simply will not see sense 
So his crew of party pals quietly dwindled,
Facebook 'friends' deleted his comments-
Too many to repeat claims he's been swindled.

But this guy's used to acting with reckless impunity,
So now to be told  by sumbitch he'd backed as a friend
That your excesses upset the best of the community,
'You and your terrible properties have been condemned.'

It's bad enough being told you just must leave-
Oh, the ignominy of a common squalid eviction,
Once secure, at home, going now is too hard to believe -
And threatened with criminal trespass, with real conviction.

The prime location of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Cannot be cheaply bought, it can merely be rented;
Thence after four years there comes a tenancy review,
And friends and neighbours have become discontented.

He's proved he's not the best of Housekeepers,
This whole historic property he's badly mismanaged,
Unfinished walls, the surrounds ass-deep in creepers,
Our once firm foundations cracked and damaged.

So wave cheery-bye to the ex-President,
He's off to his latest guilt-edged address,
Now let's welcome in a better-suited resident
And hope he cleans up that Losers! unholy mess.


7 thoughts on “Winter brings a sad and moving tale. Hey, but at least now we’re getting somewhere.

    1. Thank you. I try to use -or cajole, mangle, mash – english, with its weird double meanings and nuances, to my own twisted ends. (With the political stuff you gotta gently ease people into the room before they run for the door!’)

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  1. Somewhat-related trivia: Have you heard the word about the agreement Trump signed, decades ago, with the city of Palm Beach, wherein Mar-A-Lago is located? According to the binding document, he is not allowed to live there for more than 21 days in a given year. (After all, it’s a “country club” as well as a protected historical site, not a residence, and per the agreement he was given astonishing tax credits as long as he followed the rules.) He obviously violated this regulation whilst he was president, but Palm Beach ignored the contract because, well, he WAS the president. But now that he’s a private citizen? There are are quite a few citizens, who actually PAY taxes, who are now ready for him to relocate his ass somewhere else. Lawsuits are pending. Stay tuned to this channel for further updates… 😉

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