Off goes Don; Gone, but still rattling on.

Snakes On A Plane.

His final flight is ready to take off,
The ex-President is set to snake off,
His eyes look out, dark, cold, reptilian,
Farewell, you contemptible low con man.

Fly away to your welcome in Mar-A-Lago,
Fly,  fly off, off to to your hidey-hole you go,
Go to ground, wait for the storm to pass...
Natural, for an old snake in the grass.

A man is known by the company he's among,
So visitors, cock an ear for a f-f-forked tongue,
Hisss twisted words hark back to original sin,
And he sheds friends as he does his thin skin.

So Don, slip out and lay back 'neath the Florida sun,
Relax, uncoil, your long retirement has just begun,
Or scale back the sun bed regime, let down your hair
Then slither under a rock and stay- at home- there.

‘Warning- Contains Lingering Traces Of Venemous Vitriol.’


8 thoughts on “Off goes Don; Gone, but still rattling on.

    1. Thanks Doug. It is, or will be, a relief not to have to dredge up thoughts for him on an annoyingly regular basis. Four years of watching him revel in the swamp, now lets hope he can just drain away without too much gurgling and blow back!

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    1. Well said. How long before he does something from Bizzaro world that he hopes will drag his mug back into the limelight. But for the moment, it is as, you may appreciate, and as the Edwin Hawkins singers say ‘O Happy Day!’ And he doesn’t have his finger on the button.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Good point! It’s amazing, how in four years Don has lowered the bar. Or dug it into the ground. Let’s hope this aberrant neanderthal offshoot ‘Trumpathetic Troglodictatic’ strain will be seen as a dead-end in political ‘evolution.’


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