Late breaking news- Larry King has broadcast his last.

All Said And Done.

Larry King has done with the chit-chat,
Larry's once lively repartee has fallen flat,
The celebrated interviewer of famous faces
Has packed in his colourful phrases and braces.

After fifty years of jive and live talking
Now his time has come to do the walking,
Please stand, be silent, such moments are rare,
He's said his piece, made his peace, he's off the air.

‘What, no last word?’


2 thoughts on “Late breaking news- Larry King has broadcast his last.

  1. Larry was a dichotomy, at least for me. I used to watch him all the time, many years ago, and he’s an excellent interviewer. But I often wasn’t sure exactly what point he was trying to make. He seemed progressive, a good thing in my book, but he would often softball some interviewees who should have been hard-balled. Still and all, he was an institution, and he had far more talent than so many vapid spokesmodels these days…

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  2. I agree. What we saw here was much as you describe. I think his was a blend of easy interviewing but not interrogating; More of a bias towards entertainment? However he seemed well liked, bar seven ex-wives. I shudder to think of the obits to come on the passing of, say, Hannity or O’Reilly?

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