When asked to rave, to rant about these dark days, who needs a second invitation?

Firing Up.

As far as finances go
I'm in a proper pickle,
My once flush cash flow
Has dribbled to a trickle.

The bills endlessly wash in,
Only my heart goes out,
My means are paper thin,
My prayers never more devout.

No assets left to seize,
All my boom's gone bust,
I'm down, on my knees,
Not one 'In God We Trust.'

Pacing the floor, by the door,
Going postal for that relief cheque
To pay off Bill's Convenience Store
Before he wrings my scrawny neck.

No last post for me today,
No welcome postman's knock,
The room's turning Arctic Grey,
I'm freezing and in hock.

I gather together every letter
In shivering mittened hands,
One time I'm a real go-getter,
Now holding only final demands.

Grab the largest pot
In the stone cold kitchen,
Dump in the miserable lot;
Got troubles? I'll pitch in.

All those weighty dispatches,
Gone up in a stroke,
Thanks to Safety matches-
Hello hellfire sulphur and smoke.

The letters dutifully brought
By the conscientious postman
Though warming, were too short,
More a flash in the pan.

I fear Bill knows my place,
I fear an after-hours surprise,
Afraid he won't leave this cold case,
Bill's got fire in his eyes.

Will Bill come by torchlight,
Say 'pay 200 bucks or go to jail?' 
Cold comfort on a cold night?
Bill, bring a molotov cocktail.

Written for Chel Owens A Mused poetry contest, subject; 'a rant.' (Join in, jump in, its fun!) 


6 thoughts on “When asked to rave, to rant about these dark days, who needs a second invitation?

  1. You know what they say about money: You can’t take it with you. So just think of it as YOU’RE GETTING A HEAD START.
    Doesn’t that make you feel better, knowing that you’re ahead of the game?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Money? A concept made up by cold hearted capitalists! Sadly the tales don’t spread out further than the source of the story. Or is it trickle down, not spread. Dunno. Maybe a certain grizzled ex-Servant Of The People billionaire could advise me??? I coulda been mightily invested???
      It’s a tough old rodeo,
      Hop on the hoss, off I go,
      If’n only I had a lousy buck
      For the times I never rode my luck.

      Liked by 1 person

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