Mary Wilson, Supreme’s singer, steps away from the mic.

Someday They'll Get Back Together.

Misses Ross, Wilson, Ballard and Birdsong?
How could a Motown fanboy not sing along?
Now a good half of those original Supremes
Have faded, like that young kid's old dreams.

Divine Diana Ross says she's she's sad and bereft,
Guess now there's two few Supreme voices left,
Better get the group together for a photo though-
And pronto, or Miss Ross might be singing solo.

Through all the petty squabbles, the hogging  of the spotlight, the Diva-like acting the good ol’ Motown music endures.


4 thoughts on “Mary Wilson, Supreme’s singer, steps away from the mic.

    1. Yep, through the Beatles years they must have been one of most reliable hit groups around. That Motown beat is a straight up get-out-there and boogie call to the kids too!


  1. Agreed, a legacy of many time-tested hits. But oh, the messiness of the interpersonal relationships in that group, as evidenced by the play and movie “Dreamgirls”, which is NOT about The Supremes, at all. (Wink, wink.)

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    1. Didn’t see it but after all this latest publicity about the gals I’ve heard about lately I’ll look at it. It seems Mr Gordy played favourites, as I understand it, but I haven’t probed too deeply… I’ll stop there before I’m tempted to go the innuendo route?!

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