The Great Lone Star State’s Ted Cruz tries to weather his trip storm.

Holiday Cruz.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz just take the cake?
Taking time off in Cancun for a winter break?
What a tropical hot spot Teddy has chosen
Especially when his home state is frozen.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz's thinking take some beating?
His one day in the sun sure feels all too fleeting,
Now he's back, flush faced, looking none too thrilled
About getting grilled over leaving his constituents chilled.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz's excuses take out first prize?
His taking a sojourn down South wasn't too wise,
'Protect our Great borders' strikes a dry hollow note-
Those Washington speeches now stick in his throat.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz's cool logic simply take it all?
Once happy to build on and bolster Don's border wall,
Now with the frosty reception our border jumper's getting
His thoughts turn toward re-election- boy, now he's sweating.

‘Poor Ted- feeling not so Rio Grande?’


10 thoughts on “The Great Lone Star State’s Ted Cruz tries to weather his trip storm.

  1. Excellent, once again. My favorite meme (so far) in this mess is one that has the stylized Obama “Yes We Can!” image, updated with Cruz’s ugly-beard mug and the slogan now reads “Yes We Cancun!” It’s the small things that thrill me…

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    1. Mine has been Sombrero Ted trailing his wheely big ‘overnight’ bag. Hope you’re getting slowly back to normal civilised living; little things like heat, clean water, electricity… I hear these these little luxuries help.

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  2. Oh he spent four years buildin a fence
    To keep the dirty neighbor dog out
    But when it got a frosty
    He decided to vault over an give the good hound a friendly shout.

    An embarrassment to Canada as well as the US.

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    1. I watched a clip on BBC or CNN– strangely- there was no mention of Travellin’ Ted on the 15 minutes of Fox I could subject myself to- and the Republican trying to explain his behaviour said ‘he has lost his focus and direction.’ That’s the best she could offer. He is an embarrassment- I’m sure the loving wife and kids have only grown to love him more, after he threw ’em under the bus too. Denials, deceit, obfuscations ever more convoluted excuses, lies lies and more lies. What a champ.
      See Ted Run
      Towards the sun
      See Ted returning
      Boardshorts merrily burning.

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    1. When considering those considered elective
      We try to remain cool rational and objective,
      Sadly many prove if not mentally defective
      Totally useless b@^()@ ^%$- excuse the invective.


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