Who’d be a sailor, with all those evil winds, sandy bottoms and ships bent out of shape? No thanks.

See Ya Later Navigator. 

If you're cruising down the Suez
Take this old sea dog's seasoned tip,
The last thing a good Captain should do is
Beach your bloody big barge of a container ship.
                       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                     

The Cap'n stood on the burning deck
A'peering but not seeing ten feet ahead,
Sweat ran in rivulets down his outstretched neck,
This desert storm filled his a'salted eyes with dread.

From up front came a graunching sound
And a judder ran through from bow to rudder,
The bold Cap'n knew in a trice he'd run aground,
From deep amidships the Captain felt that shudder.

'O Captain! My Captain! What have you done?'
Chorused the crew from First Mate to low deckhand,
But the Captain had fled the bridge, Cap was on the run
Because when Mother Nature bursts forth you sit, not stand.

Oh, ship.

(Sorry, all you fans of Walt Whitman or Felicia Hemans. Someone’s already weighed in and called me an anchor about this. At least I think thats what she said.)


13 thoughts on “Who’d be a sailor, with all those evil winds, sandy bottoms and ships bent out of shape? No thanks.

  1. First, I must express great admiration for your literary references and emulations. You know this warms my heart, immensely. I can’t live, if living is without trivia, especially when it’s mildly rude the obscure…

    Second, throughout this whole mind-boggle of ineptitude, I kept wondering how it could be that, with millions of engineers in the world, we still can’t get a boat through a canal? Am I missing something?

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  2. As you say, a little bit of a play with the old bas- masters is fun, so thanks. A little word or sentence can be mangled into service for my posts, and what are they gonna do? Sue?
    And is that a Nillsen/Badfinger lyric tucked away in that comment?
    As for heaving a monster ship the size of Trump Tower Or Bigger! Heeeyuger!!! all I can think is, maybe the Captain or navigator was trained in Geography at a Trump University? Seriously, these days they talk about Musk taking trips to the moon- but what whack- job is going to somehow crash into the Sea of Tranquility?

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  3. an unbelievable story, yet it happened. Having a third of the world’s international traffic go Suez, via a fancy drainage ditch, Makes one think the designers must have had Trump U degrees too… or been a spiteful b….

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  4. I heard one report that strong winds blew that ‘Empire State Building-size ship’ into the side of the canal. It’s a good thing that wind didn’t hit the real E.S.B.. or that building would’ve ended up in shit-shape.

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