Prince Phillip falls, and just short of hitting his century.

Ninety-nine- A Fair Old Innings.

For good old Phil it's the end of the line,
Departing life's game stuck on ninety-nine,
What a long and Commowealthy life it's been
Standing mostly quietly in the shadow of his Queen.

The Duke was at his best standing square-jawed,
Stoic, as Liz spoke and the folk listened in, awed,
On the other hand, when asked to share a thought
Her speech writers advised Phil to just keep it short.

He's stood by, if not silently, steadfast and loyally,
On the odd occasion, dropped himself in it royally,
Liz's Phil has been known for many an un-PC remark
But then the Prince has been 'round as long as the ark.

Leaving just shy of a 100 must cause him some regret,
There's a letter from the Palace he didn't quite get,
After seventy years of living a rich and Royal life
Phil won't get a 100 Club Card from the wife.

Phil said the odd gaffe, spoke his mind, but he was one of a kind.



6 thoughts on “Prince Phillip falls, and just short of hitting his century.

  1. Extreme racism aside (did I say that out loud?), I suppose it’s unfair that Phillip stumbled mere seconds shy of the century-mark. There are/have been far worse people in the world. Still, he represented a caste system that is only judicious for those who dwell in the top layer. Flip side, he retained his sharpness, in various forms, until the end. When my faculties fizzle, I want it to be quick. No slow mental decline for me. Rip away my acuity completely, no dalliance, and then let me spend my remaining afternoons on a sunny porch where somebody serves me daily pudding that reminds me of simpler times.

    I didn’t expect to go here with my comment. But you do that to me, Obb. Yes, you do…


    And pudding.

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    1. He was literally different class, as his ilk are. Are born to be. I have nothing against him, he is a product of the System. He could be crass but at least he wasn’t a totally arrogant ass.
      As for the pudding- any fucking flavour but strawberry, please!

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