A most untimely ‘mistake’ from the boys and girls in Blue. Another mistake? Hard to believe, but true.

Half Cocked Excuse.

A police patrol pulled over Daunte Wright-
For those who Protect and Serve us right-
Well trained long serving front line cops-
The latest of many routine traffic stops.

But this young man tried to break free,
Now, why would a young black man flee?
When Minneapolis's finest uphold the code?
Where George Floyd died, just down the road?

But a long serving cop stopped him!
A quick blast of Taser from Officer Kim!
Umm, somehow she pulled a gun not a Taser,
A mystifying mistake that continues to amaze her.

Now Officer Kim hides behind the scenes, gone on leave,
Daunte is gone too, leaving his family to openly grieve,
Kim's sheltered and protected behind the Blue enclave
But Daunte takes her mistake to his cold lonely grave.

(Little humour in my offering today. Apparently Officers put their Tasers on their less favoured side. So when they whip out their weapons they won't mix up the Taser with the gun. Wouldn't wanna confuse those two, would one? And surely a good cop knows wrong from right, left from right? Or am I naively mistaken in that belief too?)


‘Check nut holding trigger before discharging.’




7 thoughts on “A most untimely ‘mistake’ from the boys and girls in Blue. Another mistake? Hard to believe, but true.

  1. And surely a good cop knows wrong from right, left from right? Or am I naively mistaken in that belief too?

    The report I heard informed that this particular ‘enforcer’ is one with many years of experience. Makes me wonder exactly what that ‘experience’ consisted of….

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  2. Yep- question of how dangerous he was and if use of any force was called for is for another day; story is that in BEST case scenario, she was telling the truth but was absolutely incompetent. Why would someone that unqualified for a stressful job have it for 20+ years? I respect police in general but , man, the US needs higher, uniform standards for training. I don’t say Canada is perfect in that respect, but I have at times told a Canadian cop friend of mine things I have seen local police do here and he is incredulous (one particular example included a cop jumping out of a police car while his partner was still driving , and two of them pulling on bullet proof vests as they approached the suspect vehicle!)

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    1. It is just another sad case of ‘zip your lip or I reach for the hip.’ Got the uniform, got the badge, gonna use the Force. I do think the idea of reaching for the gun- stun or otherwise- is a recipe for exactly what happened. She MAY well have made a mistake. She is in charge, she reached for the easy solution. It is not an easy job, granted, but that’s the reason you want your best to be doing it. Minneapolis seems very wanting in that Department.

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      1. indeed… there was also the case not too long ago where a young woman was shot dead by one of them when she came out of a house- she was reporting a crime (burglary I think) and somehow that startled one of the cops.
        On this case , I actually believe the woman . I’ve seen the network digitized video and she was yelling about a taser and her reaction seemed genuinely surprised. Plus they were running their cameras as they should, which makes me think it wasn’t anything planned in malice. It’s an explanation but not an excuse. Tough job? Absolutely. But that is what they are supposed to be trained to do. I mean, this guy was just trying to get away– if that was too stressful for her, what would she have done had he pulled a gun or had she shown up at an armed robbery with shots fired? They need to train and vet their cops far better in that metro area.

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  3. Dave (and you) got there first, but I’ll repeat: It’s Kim’s twenty-plus years on the force that gets me, and it underlies the breakdown in screening and readiness evaluations that are apparently lacking with many American police forces. How are these (at best) ill-suited and (at worst) racially-vindictive folks able to gain a badge and a gun? And keep them?

    Having said that, I feel compelled to apologize for the latest string of comments I have made on your posts. Collectively, they seem very negative and bitter. And I’m really not. Most likely, you are fine with my words, but I hope you don’t find my scribbled thoughts overly-intrusive and somewhat-annoying. I just get a little overworked sometimes and run my mouth more than I should…

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  4. Um, well the last of mine or chocka-block with double negatives, in my thoughts at least! I try to get the humour through, most of the time… But. Some days are trying. As a Sweet Someone once said ‘Sometimes even smiling makes my face hurt.”

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