Wake up before your workaday mundane Monday commute and enjoy the company of our cheery six A.M. breakfast news team! Or not.

Groundhog Day Again.

'Good morning, Merrilee, what's happening in the news today,
What's trending, pray tell, what's going down in the greater USA?'
'Morning Mitch, well, it's much like yesterday's news, sorry to say,
Trials, tribulations, protests- oh, 'nother mass shooting by the way.'

'Oh Merrilee, this is a tragedy, so soon after yesterday's report?
It gives me pause to think how quick our lives can be cut short,
So let me take a moment to send out heartfelt prayers of support;
OK, moving along Merrilee- hey, what's new in weather and sport?'

(Yet another dark rather than light flippant offering. Sorry, but now it's no fun to wake up of a morning and start ticking off the latest mass shooting numbers- Indianapolis Fedex, April 15, Detroit, April 16, Columbus and La Place, April 17, Kenosha and Shreveport , April 18- Since when did mass shootings become an everyday occurrence? The numbers are all becoming quite mind numbing, aren't they?) 


7 thoughts on “Wake up before your workaday mundane Monday commute and enjoy the company of our cheery six A.M. breakfast news team! Or not.

  1. Don Henley had it right about 40 years back with ‘Dirty Laundry’. Although that said, there is a frightening regularity to the main news reports – mass shootings, Covid continuing to keep popping back up like a Whak-a-mole, riots in city streets… – one can’t help but be repetitive in that field lately I think.

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    1. That is indeed the problem. As the unimaginable becomes the mundane compassion and humanity withers away. I have no answers, We humans are getting pretty good at dumbly shrugging though.


      1. The dumbly shrugging is a sign of defeat and giving up. Which I can fully understand. We vote and look to politicians making the laws and a good legal system to back them up. However it’s not always simple like this. Our parliament has been found to be rife with sexual harassment and alleged rapes. The top lawmaker in the has been accused of rape, despite many years ago. You can understand why I shrug my shoulders in defeat……having said that people in high places are now beginning to talk….we wait and see if/what action now occurs

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