Bad cop Derek Chauvin- Justice to be seen to be done.

Cop Out.

Derek Chauvin denied his all-too-obvious guilt,
His good lawyer argued his lousy case to the hilt,
Tried to frame Floyd's death as a 'medical mystery,'
Pity Derek's knee on the neck was there for all to see.

Once a cop could blow off an 'escape attempt,'
Treat 'alleged' brutality with a smile of contempt,
Once any cops perjur-ative testimony was enough;
Now a cheap cell phone video will call Derek's bluff.

And so, the damning evidence was played;
That don't look good for Derek, I'm afraid;
Derek, looking all innocent won't succeed;
Jurors, how much evidence do you kneed?

Deep down Derek knew the jury's verdict could be no surprise
Though a flicker of emotion darkened those lizard-like eyes,
Yes, behind his mask how truly sorry (for himself) he feels-
His first day inside and he'll be sucking down liquid meals.

There are so many inside who'll happily rearrange his smile,
So many too ready to mete out some justice without a trial,
He's prayin' hard for a solitary sentence, the full 24 hours;
Beats being on his knees whenever he visits the showers.

Not quite the picture of innocence?


22 thoughts on “Bad cop Derek Chauvin- Justice to be seen to be done.

  1. Not ashamed to say that I cried a bit when I heard the verdict. Such tremendous relief, after so many years of astonishing denial of accountability. It’s just one tiny pivot point in this nation’s sad history of racial injustice, but hopefully, fingers crossed, glimmer on the horizon, there will be more positive pivots…

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  2. And amongst all the joy I hardly heard the fact that its the first time in Minnie-soulless that a white cop has been convicted of killing a black person. I hope it is a watershed moment, I do. But history tells me…

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      1. yep- one of his lawyer’s excuses was the crowd seemed hostile… well, duh! All the more reason to have quickly stood him up, put him in the back of the cruiser and taken off to the station seven or eight minutes before he was gasping for air and the crowd was getting riled.

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      1. My emotions? Three fist pumps synched to each ‘guilty’ verdict. I hoped for justice but there is always that grey area of doubt any decent lawyer(?!?) will try to seed and cultivate. Thanks for the comment and the follow.

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    1. The ‘man’ has no shame. Arrogance by the bucketful, but a pitiful lack of shame. Look at the tape, Derek, everyone but you can see you’re guilty.


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