The Boris/Cummings spat sputters on- now there’s a foul smelling kettle of fish.

(A quick snide aside following the form of yesterday’s few lines.)

Two Deserving.

Dom and BoJo have lost the plot,
That terrible two make one sorry lot,
The old iron-clad brotherly bond is shot,
That once creepily friendship, now forgot,
Still mutually respectful- most definitely not!

Now they wouldn't share the same piss pot. 

Another few lines- these two deserve a half-decent hearing.

Two Sad.

Dominic and BoJo both realise
Their relationship has hit its demise,
Farewell twisted bonds, Old School ties-
Whatever Dominic accuses, Boris denies,
But who could you trust to believe whose lies?

This couldn't happen to two déclassé-er guys.

‘Public Schoolboys will be silly boys.’


7 thoughts on “The Boris/Cummings spat sputters on- now there’s a foul smelling kettle of fish.

    1. Dave’ IMHO Johnson is peeved that his best loyalist/chum/adviser is turning on him. Think Trump and anyone who doesn’t/didn’t won/t be beholden to him, Cummings as an amoral McCain. Cummings is on a Kamakazi mission. Both deserve to flame out.
      Colin; Dominic and Boris- one more untrustworthy than the other. Both are from the Dark Side. One looks like less cheery Gollum, Boris looks more and more like a middle-aged Piggy from ‘Lord Of The Flies.’ But the Boaris is more a Jack in character, I feel. Or just a Jackass.

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        1. Before he got ill, he was as dismissive almost as about the virus as Trump. He did take to the science a little more after almost dying but his usual arrogant certainty seems to, sadly, be making a recovery. What is it with blond bouffant headed white men?


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