Derek Chauvin’s legal team are bleating on and on about HIM being the victim- of a mistrial!

Lawyers Never Lack In Appeal.

Derek Chauvin's poor loser of a lawyer is now saying
Many more legal loopholes avenues are worth persuing,
This lifetime sentence is worth spending time on delaying-
(The tricky part remains that nine minutes of painful viewing.)

Monetarily it might cost him- a lot,
And it's bound to take mighty long,
But Derek's lawyer's in a tight spot
So count him in to right your wrong!

The real appeal of our untimely appeal is it will take a pile while,
Buying time to  blame Floyd's death on 'unhappy happenstance?'
'So we, Derek's defence, demand another long drawn-out trial!'
(Say Counsellor, when will George Floyd get a second chance?)

‘Derek, as much as it takes!’




4 thoughts on “Derek Chauvin’s legal team are bleating on and on about HIM being the victim- of a mistrial!

    1. True. I guess true justice takes a toll on the heart and soul, given enough time. And on the ol’ bank roll., let’s not forget that, not for one billable minute.
      Chauvin knows his legal mob
      Will still diligently stay on the job,
      Not a calculating day goes by
      Without checkin’ if the well’s run dry.

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  1. One, that now-infamous photo of Chauvin, captured whilst his death knee was in still in place, was (in my mind) a rare instance of a jury only needing one piece of evidence to convict. His face says it all. The sheer arrogance, the disregard for the ebbing life below him, the snide annoyance that bystanders were hollering for him to stop. It’s all right there…

    Two, the main thrust of the appeal, that the trial should have been moved to another locale, is ludicrous. Chauvin’s actions resulted in months of protests across the nation, not just in the big cities but smaller ones as well. The only place where the verdicts might have been different was at Mar-a-Lago…

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    1. One, yes one screen grab shows it all.
      Two, he’s guilty wherever and however you look at it. Also, with Mr 45s continuing media ban that particular cellphone video is not welcome at Mar-a-lago, not at all.

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