Learning to live with your eccentricities without getting weirded out.

( Inspired by Chel Owens A Mused poetry competition on 'Eccentrics' and the movie 'Shock Corridor.')

An Eccentrics Guide To Lightening Up.

A rare precious few view me as being one of a kind,
Far more as possessed of a most peculiar singular mind,
One gloomy psychiatrist classified me as slightly neurotic,
A better one called me, far more politely, simply quixotic.

Some call me eccentric, but that ain't fair,
I prefer to think I think outside the square,
Others say my view on reality is a tad murky,
They say I'm 'way out there,' I'd say 'quirky.'

The true eccentric is hard to define,
The clued-up eccentric rides a fine line,
You best keep your eccentricities on the down low,
So I tone it down- Bellvue's nowhere I wanna go.

Some admit they think outside the box,
I don't... wish to submit to electric shocks,
So, Doctor, if eccentricity is in the eye of the beholder
Call me quietly eccentric- I don't want to smoulder.


18 thoughts on “Learning to live with your eccentricities without getting weirded out.

  1. When I was a wee lad, I often dreamed of being considered eccentric. Everyone around me was so banal and boring, with a few exceptions. Now I realize that I was always eccentric. I just misunderstood the question at the time… 😉

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    1. The strange thing is how people call you eccentric when you do or say something that seems oh so normal to you. That I find very disconcerting and puzzling because, hey, isn’t that what all the normal people are doing?
      Perhaps it is true, some of us have a warped perspective. I think I’m a normal part of the family, but I feel I’d sometimes get out-voted. At least there’s been no interventions- yet!

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