The US has a population of near 330 million and growing, except for the odd ‘accident.’ Yet no-one wants to show even a modicum of control.

Top Gun.

'Mericans sure do love their guns,
They're hellbent on law and order,
They think we're the crazy ones,
Completely armless, North of the border.

But most of us simply can't understand
Why they don't practice gun control?
You can have a hot gun in your hand
Even if you're a crazy lyin' criminal asshole.

Concerned about your stint in clink?
Worried about your upcoming arrest?
Thank God only the upstanding NRA think
There's no need for your character test.

A .50 caliber has always appealed?
Go out and and pick one up today!
You needn't keep your Colt concealed,
Just whip it out and blaze away.

But outside 'Merica the Great
Them Rights leave everyone else aghast,
'Merica's Number One, in every dang State-
Yep, in firearm deaths, World unsurpassed.

'Guns are part of our way of life'
Say the NRA, not in ironical jest,
'From the days when crime was rife,
From Tea Party through Wild Wild West.'

'Because it's our Right,' bray the NRA,
'To amass us a private arsenal,'
Just imaginin' being back in the day
Of the rootin' shootin' OK Corral.

400 million guns, the NRA say, all legally sold,
According to the lists they lovingly compiled,
It's peace of mind, to have and to hold-
One apiece for every man, woman and child.

Does the NRA truly think the entire Nation
Need to bear their own personal Kalashnikov?
Why bother US with futile peaceable negotiation?
Most members are rarin' for a Mexican stand-off.

Still the NRA say 'more guns the merrier,'
Its twisted logic, bound only to confound,
To me more guns sounds progressively scarier,
But to the NRA 'Zero Control' holds Holy Ground.

But surely no sane person would let fly
When everyone's armed to the teeth?
Only the crackpot NRA can live with that lie;
Its stone cold comfort to those laid beneath.

In the NRA's strange Land of the Free
They'll snuff out any gun control Bill,
Sovereign citizens, too short-sighted to see
Their sacred Rights lead to gross overkill.


11 thoughts on “The US has a population of near 330 million and growing, except for the odd ‘accident.’ Yet no-one wants to show even a modicum of control.

    1. Yes, another fourteen gunned down in Austin. And yet, ‘no no no leave our guns alone.’ The figures are staggering, but the NRA -bad pun- just keeps plugging away. And so it goes.

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  1. For me, the saddest thing about the whole situation is that the daily shootings have become so monotonous that they barely have resonation with much of the populace, with the latest incidents often falling out of the news cycle within hours and many folks simply accepting it as part of life. It’s beyond reprehensible how much power the gun nuts have in this country…

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    1. so true – that Austin shooting was buried quite low in the newsfeed, and I’m less than 100 miles away from there. google the number of mass shootings or a map of it, this year alone and it will be shocking – largely because at least half you’ve almost certainly not heard of due to lack of news coverage. but you can bet your paycheque if one person gets eaten by a shark off NC or Florida, it will be headline news coast to coast.

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      1. I’d sit up and take notice if there was a hungry shark prowling the shallows of the third hole water hazard at Mar-a-Lago Golf Retirement Centre in Florida though!
        Seriously, what you say about it being no news is sad sad sad but true. Henleys ‘Dirty Laundry’ sounds old hat now.

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  2. Exactly. it’s not news unless it’s in your particular ‘burgh, or the ‘count’ is closing in on double figures. The lobby keeps a’saying they need to be protected from criminals with guns but they want zero checks, no infringement on their Rights. They say a gun keeps ’em safe from some nut with a gun! Oxymoron! Why, then, isn’t it the safest country in the world? It is soooo exasperating. Every DAY has a mass shooting, but you have to trawl through the internet yourself.
    I try for humour, Gawd knows, but it quickly takes a dark turn on this subject, every time I sit down to poke that particular LaPierre.

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    1. It is madness, but so long as the politicians live in fear of the NRA nothing will change, and either side gets more entrenched. And with 400 million ‘lega’ guns out there, the horse has bolted long ago. Sigh.


      1. I’ve always thought the NRA and politicians were in bed together? NRA donates big time to political parties? Hence politicians have to look after them. Am I correct?

        You say politicians live in fear of the NRA. Why is this?

        Oh, and by the way, never give up on writing humour. This is how you and I stop going under…..sigh

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        1. Oh yeah, the NRA own politicians- they rate ’em by (buy) how pro or anti gun control they are.
          They can ruin a politicians career, especially a Republican one if they don’t line up for the Sickening Amendment.
          Humour, yes. Well it is the last bastion against a crazy world. So I try to keep smiling. Some days, after ANOTHER crazy senseless shooting the easy grin starts to falter. I’m sure you know the feeling, but hey, nobody likes a long face.


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