Digging up a few facts on those sweet sentimental romantic poets and writers; And you and I thought romance was dead!?!

Love In Vain- Or, Vein.

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein
Watched her hubby from the shoreline,
Alas, for the wild and stormy poet of note
'Twas not the time to be paddling a leaky boat.

It devastated his distraught young wife
When Percy Shelley sunk and lost his life,
So before Mary cremated her sweetheart
She took hold, held close that cold cold part.

A little large for a silver locket,
A bit too big for a wee dress pocket,
And far too gross to hold in her hand-
Best placed underneath the nightstand?

She kept his heart in her bedside drawer,
Not for her brief grief, no, it remained raw,
She kept it locked inside a heart-shaped box
Amongst her dainty hankies, smalls and socks.

At first this act of sweet spousal devotion
Seemed an endearingly darkly Romantic notion,
Till for even the hanky-dabbing Widow Mary Shelley
Percy became less lingering memory, more simply smelly.

(I commented on a blog, and that comment twisted its way into this... odd offering.)


11 thoughts on “Digging up a few facts on those sweet sentimental romantic poets and writers; And you and I thought romance was dead!?!

  1. Percy was a fighter
    (Did us all good turn)
    When he was cremated
    His heart refused to burn

    Mary put her hand up, ‘n’ tucked it in her drawer
    Percy’s heart not found till a year after she died
    Percy was not very happy…..

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    1. It’s a weird story. Apparently his heart had calcified due to him having had TB or somesuch. So says Wiki, anyway.
      Keeping his sweet heart in a jar
      Is behaviour far beyond bizarre,
      When Mary held it, coldly, pickled
      How copiously her tears trickled.

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      1. Again with more of the deliciously-cold sweet nothings. You have a knack, kind sir.

        Random Thought: Did you ever see the 1986 movie “Gothic”? Ken Russell directed, so we know going in that we’re headed somewhere that we haven’t been. I wouldn’t call it a fully-satisfying film, as is often the case with Russell, but it’s strange and trippy and puzzling, qualities that often appeal to my senses even if they just as often leave a bit of indigestion after the meal…

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        1. Well, this story has piqued my interest in the Shelleys so I’ll cast an eye over it- Quirky Ken is a strange director, the ol’ devil. Sometimes it’s the odd left-field directors who get you thinking. Lindsay Andersons ‘O Lucky Man’ is one that sticks in my mind, uneasily I will admit. But anything with Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren involved in it can’t be bad. But it has its creepy moments, for sure.

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