It’s Christmas carolling time; let’s hope I won’t wind up singing soprano.

(A parody on an old well worn favourite; Sorry, Bing and Michael Bublé.) 

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Mechula.* 

It's beginning to look a lot like I'm insolvent,
Where'd my cash flow go?
Down to my last 5 and 10, credit card maxed out again,
Oh, the painful amount of IOU's I owe.

I'm beginning to wish I'd not met loan shark Carmine,
Now all hell will start,
The brass knuckles he will bring will make my head fair ring,
Then he'll rip out my heart.

A pair of brutes in ill-fitting suits with pistols that shoot-
It's Carmine's hit repo men,
They say 'Carmine wants to talk, let's take a walk,'
But I ain't saying 'willkommen,'
I'm not mad or dumb or fool enough to open my door again.

It's beginning to look like I might not make Christmas,
My debts Carmine won't ignore,
What an ugly sight it is to see some thug pounding heavily
On my barred and bolted door.

*Bankruptcy, Yiddish.

'Nope, not exactly Santa come delivering presents.'


5 thoughts on “It’s Christmas carolling time; let’s hope I won’t wind up singing soprano.

  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like obbverse,
    If he stays where he is, is in a terrible fix….
    So, may he awake having been carried away Christmas Day
    To find himself safely North Poled up at St. Nick’s.

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    1. Finally, da bosses boys grumblingly withdraw,
      Slip Carmine’s Christmas card ‘neath my door,
      My loan I MUST repay
      By midnight Christmas Day,
      He wishes me good health and Christmas wishes
      Or by Boxing Day I’m a’swimming with da fishes.

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  2. Pssst. I wouldn’t worry too much about Carmine. I know his number. He’s overly fond of petting zoos, if you get my drift. And he likes private sessions, with Old Macdonald looking the other way. You want those sordid pictures released, just say the word. Capisce?

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