Bright brand new year, same old bad attitude; I’m losing faith in more than mankind here!

Prehistoric Man.

As I work my way through the daily grind
Suffering through another infernal commute,
It's times like these test my faith in mankind;
Today I followed the devil- and he drove a ute.

In his rattly ol' Ford truck one fu- hell of a wreck
He shot into my lane without affording me a glance,
A wheelbarrow atop a loose load of bricks filled his deck,
It's a bloody miracle I didn't load up my underpants.

First he cuts in my lane, then he's late on the brakes!
Of his direction he gave no indication, no signal, no sign!
But God saith 'forgive thy brother of his errant mistakes,'
So I did not swear at the stupendously stupid swine.

Both windows wound down, stereo on,
From within Rammstein relentlessly pounds,
'Tis a pity both his air con and hearing have gone,
He won't give way but he'll share his sounds?

One hairy-knuckled grubby lackadaisical hand
Draped loose on the sweat stained steering wheel,
His other fat tatted arm, deep fried and deeply tanned
Resting greasy on the door, paint rubbed to bare steel.

At the red light I was sat right behind this troglodyte,
He took a deep drag on a Doobious looking cigarette,
On went the green light... still... I resolved to be polite-
The lights were on but his circuits hadn't connected yet.

Up to his rear view mirror a slow eye drifted-
He didn't give a hoot about my exasperated look,
But when I gave him my genteelest toot his attitude shifted,
Up flipped his middle finger- a nano-second it took.

He gave a sneer, put the f- Ford in gear
Held down the clutch, red-lined that poor V-8,
Only after the light sat on amber and red was near
Did he smoke away, leaving me to fu- fulminate.

                         - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since we cain't move, out of time, at this junction
I sat wondering on how far we've evolved as a species,
While that moron up ahead shows all the brain function
Of an angry pre-Neanderthal with a handful of faeces.

Oh Lordy, what a piece of work is this man-
I saw before me less man than abomination-
Jeez, this AntiChrist can't be part of good Gods plan-
I refuse to believe that is Gods crowning creation.

This example of Homo Defectus is big and dumb,
Lacking in rational thought and the humanoid touch,
His hands hold Mankinds finest tool- a prehensile thumb
Yet he relies on his reflexing middle finger far too much.

We're made in Thy image, so the Good Book says?
The high point of a full week of Your creative craft?
God, is this the result of slacking off on too many days?
This specimen shouldn't have made it past the first draft.

He is a butt ugly unblinking unthinking baboon,
The Creators barrel and hairy-chested massive fail,
A half assed rush job tossed out late Friday afternoon;
Less the Pride of Man than off the evolutionary scale.

I'm beginning to doubt my religious belief,
My faith in His humanity is swiftly dissolving,
Surely my lapse will cause my priest much grief
But at least my rational thinking keeps evolving. 

Often I'd prayed for God to give me strength-
I kept calling on Heaven above but You're never in,
Lord, all I see is one quivering finger, upraised at length,
Sorry God; on todays evidence, it's Darwin for the win.


13 thoughts on “Bright brand new year, same old bad attitude; I’m losing faith in more than mankind here!

  1. When following a ute(tility)
    Becomes an exercise in futility,
    It might be time to exercise less
    And work from home to avoid the stress….
    But if that’s not possible, you could retire
    And hope that your troubles simply expire.

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    1. Thanks. Ah, Texas, the land of wide open spaces and close-minded drivers, so I believe, from a worthy source.
      I’ve been to Arizona and I can imagine Texas as Arizona, but super-sized.


  2. I agree with Phil entirely. Worse at night when they’re all out not only with their ridiculously bright factory-installed headlights on high (even in the city) but half the time with a bevy of additional 1000W bulbs under and on top of the truck . These are the ones which usually sit on your bumper for miles. I drive as little as I can but it’s still more than I want to here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, my bro in Ohio saw way too many of the Trump stickered empty decked goobers cruising around afore the last election. The makers of those trucks surely must have a flag-pole holder as an accessory so their clow- oopsy, clients can fly their Stars and Stripes or Stars and Bars- whatever patriotic flag they adhere to- from their big loud brash Old Skool truck. As someone once said ‘Sad!’

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  3. Ah, you should try the roads here. Half the drivers have a fistful of middle fingers and there is so little left of our green and pleasant that isn’t tarmac’d. It’s possible to take the train, of course, but not if you ever want to arrive…

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    1. Funny, I just left a comment on your site following on the train track!
      I know in Boris’ green and pleasant level playing field (or should I say, land of private Number 10 Garden Parties?) the usual crap driver/villain once was a tradesman in a white Transit van. Here its a half baked crackhead ‘contractor’ with no signage on the arse end of his ute’s tailgate; so you can’t even send a scathing e-mail to his boss.

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  4. Sounds of if this is a problem everywhere? I live in a small historic town, Granbury Texas, population about 9K. When I drive into Fort Worth or ( God help me ) Dallas, I need a valium and half a bottle of Irish Whiskey when I get home.

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