Boris Johnson apologises again- but to be fair, he does have an awful lot to be sorry about.

Back story: Tory party staffers were invited to an 'after work' bring-your-own-booze garden party at Number Ten Downing Street. 'Come and enjoy a convivial drinkie-poo or two in the close company of your kind of people whilst the hoi poloi are lawfully obliged to stay locked down in their common little homes.' 

Pity Party/'Faux Sorry.'

Boris's party invitation is clandestinely extended,
To us, his 'special' friends, behind Number 10's closed door,
There we can mingle, unmasked as God Boris intended,
Because we're Upper Class, Eton, drinking, above the law.


11 thoughts on “Boris Johnson apologises again- but to be fair, he does have an awful lot to be sorry about.

    1. Boy, did the answer to THAT question come to light between you putting in this comment and my reading it! ‘Private citizen Andrew Windsor, step up and plead your case!’
      If the Queen says, ‘Randy Andy, you’re on your own,’ you know how the vast majority of her subjects are going to think guilty thoughts of him. Money and entitlement don’t stretch as far as they used to.

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      1. so true… I mean, I remember when I was young, my Mom was a bit of a monarchist, and I think Andrew was sent to Canada to go to school for a year; the common nickname for him with her and even on radio was “Randy Andy”. I was a bit young to really understand the meaning back then but I mean, this behavior can’t be a huge surprise to anyone really. And it’s probably been the norm for generations, but the times they are a -changin’.

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  1. It just kills me anytime a politician throws out a vehement “I did NOT do that”. And then we roll video, from a variety of sources and 47 different camera angles, showing him doing the very thing, with relish. How do these twit waffles get elected to office and, even more shocking, manage to STAY there? Oh, right. Because stupid people are allowed to vote. My bad. I’ll just crawl back in my cave over here and hunker down for eventual daylight…

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    1. I believe we’re in for more blatant bald faced liars since the ego-in-chief insanely was elected and ejected. Had he ‘won” by hook or by crook, you could kiss goodbye to America and hello to Gerrymanderia and the Trump Family Show. If you can deny deny deny and blame blame blame the media, the elites, minorities, big government, the Wicked Witch of the North, whoever and whatever defeated you I can’t see much future for truth and justice. I think Trumps ‘Merican Way has degraded Democracy to a level where Strongman politics and blind ignorance CAN triumph. Makes me weep, but I don’t live in the UK or the US, which I am SOOOO hap hap happy about.

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