Sadly, Meatloaf is done. He’s off to another, who knows, better place?

Last At Bat.

The Bat out of Hell man bids us 'goodnight,'
It's time for that last final flight,
So set the Bat signal and the Radar transponder
And fly off into the wild black yonder.

(A slightly tongue in cheek obit. I'm sure Mr Marvin Aday wouldn't mind.)

'OK, now: Do I fly up- or down? The Hell if I know.'


5 thoughts on “Sadly, Meatloaf is done. He’s off to another, who knows, better place?

  1. First, I love me some Meatloaf songs, with “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” being my go-to song to belt out at parties. (You have been warned, should there ever be an invitation from yours truly.) Said song has figured prominently in multiple Bonnywood posts of yore, and the “Bat out of Hell” album is magnificent.

    Second, and I hesitate to add this considering the recent development in his life trajectory, but Marvin lost some of his luster for me in the last several years. He went Far Right, and he made headlines when he compared flight attendants who insisted on mask-wearing to “Nazis”. He was a troubled genius, let’s leave it at that…

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    1. I’d heard he lost his lustre to a few old fans, but I hadn’t delved too deep. Hey, he coulda gone on a Dixieland tour with fellow Conservative rock head Ted NoGent. It seems embracing the Right as we get older is a fact for some. I hope to stumble my way to being the oldest Lefty still kicking against Righteous indoctrination. Zimmer frame and all, if need be.

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