A couple of nursery rhyme-style offerings about some p(r)etty beautiful people.

(For Chel Owens Terrible Poetry Comp/ Nursery Rhyme parody.)

Giving Chris a Hand.

Will, he had a little slap,
Rock reeled back from the blow,
Will wouldn't say 'Chris, shut your trap;'
To no more Oscars Will he go.

‘Will Smith ironically rockin’ out the peace sign.’

Jack And Ill Will.

It was ON
'Tween Amber and John,
Their freakshow-biz deal Deppinitely over.

After many years,
Crossed words, crocodile tears
Their lawyers settled, finally in the clover.

‘He said, Heard said- sounds like a Horror show.’

(After a further painful five minute watch of this farcical court room dramedy, I was less inspired than in despair. So why not spit out another one?)

Poorly Playing Out.

Jack Sparrow and ex-wife had a spat, 
'Twas nasty, vicious, mendacious and mean,
Between 'em both I swear on my oath
I've ne'er seen anything so X-Ratedly obscene.


23 thoughts on “A couple of nursery rhyme-style offerings about some p(r)etty beautiful people.

  1. I got a chuckle out of these. I swear that Harry and Meghan started it with their tattle tales. And look they’re back and licking the royal boots. The royalty of superstardom is taking on a sordid cast for sure.

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    1. Yes indeed- some want people ogling them 24/7- except when they air their dirty linen- then they want their privacy!
      Those who crave their shallow fame,
      Share every (t)wittering thought they can
      Then won’t care to accept fault or blame
      When their crap publicly hits the fan.

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  2. Meanwhile, Ukraine is being bombarded daily, the polar ice caps are melting along with the global economy, Covid has NOT magically gone away, a third of the world is living in poverty (many of them here in the US), the Republicans are hellbent on destroying every culture except their own cult, and Ron DeSantis is fiddling whilst Florida burns. Yet The Slap and The Bitter Divorce are often the lead story on most news programs. Sheesh…

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    1. Sheeei- nah, better stick with sheesh. The focus remains, for far too many, what is haaaaappening on Rodeo Drive rather than whats going down in some seat of Government. What could be more important than the latest pouty faced over-the-shoulder look from Kim Kardashi-can? And DeSantis- Right and proper? Shi-eeesh.
      Also, love that ‘every culture except their own cult’ comment.

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  3. I agree with Brian. Don Henley was spot on 40 years ago with ‘Dirty Laundry’. I saw a headline today asking if Will Smith and Johnny Depp would finally kill of the ‘cult of celebrity’… but the fact that it was a headline in a Yahoo news feed answers the question by itself, doesn’t it?

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    1. Yep- the breathless anticipation of waiting to hear what some self-obsessed selfie stick it in yer face C(grade)elebrity is going to drivel on about has to pall sometime. I truly hope so.

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    1. I’ve read a little Carl Hiaasen and he has a comical view of Florida- mostly- but his loathing for the machinations of the Florida business-as-usual crew, grifting and grafting, working their way till they’ve concreted the entire coast? That comes shiningly glittering tooth-grindingly through.

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