Getting close to the neighbours; Maybe too close for comfort though.

Hot Property.

This ol' familiar neighbourhood is a'changing fast,
The ol' solid landmarks quickly becoming a part of the past,
This ol' suburb was once squalid blue-collar working class,
This ol' place was home then, to us on the bones of our ass.

Times were once when passing locals would all stop and meet,
Share a smoke, hang out, have a chat on the corner of our street,
One place where all Gods diverse children got on like a house afire, 
On Community Corner, where Nikes hang from the telephone wire.

What sights we were wont to see we didn't want to see...
The shady deals done 'neath the dark oaks spreading canopy;
See the early morning hoodie guys, shrinking from the light?
Passing on favours to the street gals returning after a hard night?

But lately I've noticed most of the ol' gang have gone,
As the rents went up- bless 'em- they too've moved on,
And this low locale which was once way too close to town
Is lookin' up, so much investors are rushing in to tear it down.

At first the ol' rundown villas were cheaply acquirable,
Swiftly the ol' slum area seems to have become desirable,
But nowadays most hereabouts have rumbled their game-
It's 'knock one down, then build ten- and all the same.'

First, the best ol' house on the block went up for sale,
A turreted faded Victorian, but picture perfect in every detail,
The old guy who'd owned it could never have guessed
That the new owner would stoop to doing his level best.

This morning I see ol' Tom Cobleigh is selling out, and all,
See the bright 'For Sale' sign, ten foot long, six feet tall?
See the Builders van stop smokily in a screech of brakes?
See the urgent call to one of his developing mates he makes?

Already I can see, strolling by with tear filled eye
They're building three-story eyesores to blot out the sky,
And the shit house right next door has just been sold,
I fear I'll be be living in darkness, and my blood runs cold.

Now the wise Council wants to choke back urban sprawl
Not a day goes by that some realtor don't speculatively call,
They all finally offer a pretty penny to get hold of our place-
But first every twisted one of 'em will lie straight to your face.

Yes, all things must change, be they for bad or good,
Though change feels strange in this old crime neighbourhood,
See, another sharp-dressed man puts the Porsche in 'Park,'
To hungrily prowl the streets, like the proverbial land shark.

Now we say to all who come knocking... 'have a good day,'
For this here's our 'umble home and here we aim to stay, 
Or perhaps 'tis high time for us to stick up our own sign?
'Kindly shove your purchase offer where the sun don't shine.'

'So once we knock it down, we can put up 20 boxes apartments in its place.'


6 thoughts on “Getting close to the neighbours; Maybe too close for comfort though.

  1. We live where time stood still,
    Now they’re buildin’ with a will,
    Cheap jack builders, bereft of skill.
    Every day they’re closing in,
    Its enough to make my head spin,
    Six days of dust and dirt and constant din.

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    1. Nope, you’re right there. Where once was a sand duned wilderness where you could break your damn fool neck on a dirt bike now there’s new paved streets with names like ‘Juniper Lane,’ or ‘God help us, ‘Wuthering Heights Way.’ Not so romantic when the wind blows over the Sewerage ponds.


  2. I know this story quite well. The “town” where I live, Oak Cliff, was swallowed by behemoth Dallas over a century ago, but somehow managed to retain it’s quirky, multi-ethnic, fair-to-say Bohemian charm for many decades. Sure, there were growing spots of gentrification over the years, yet it remained its own world. But in the last decade or so the box-builders have gone wild and the transition is now essentially unstoppable.

    Luckily, my specific neighborhood, which is actually quite large, is still relatively intact, though the infestation of “let’s flip this house and make it look like every other flipped house!” folks has begun. It’s just a matter of time…

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    1. Yep, its world wide, it’s a pox on the country, a blot on the landscape. Here, there, everywhere.The old neighbourhood we lived in earlier was, as suggested, a bit (a good deal?) rough around the edges; Many houses had big back yards with large well tended greenhouses behind ten foot hedges etc; A house behind us, for a while had the gentle tinkle of constant gently running water, and -hand on heart, this is gospel- at one stage we had a Reverend living on the right side of our house, on the left hand, a very discreet brothel! But we never ever felt unsafe. Then came the earthquakes- there goes the house, and the neighbourhood. So we moved, and now the new(ish) neighbourhood is changing quicker than Covid did. And so it goes.

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