Time for a trip far away to see family, old and new; which means ya’ll get a well earned break from my long winded miseries.

Count Your Blessings.

It's no secret I voice my personal opinion, loud and long,
I'm always ready to bitch pitch in, show you your silly mistake,
Doggedly hog the conversation, tell you where you went wrong,
But I'm taking time-out, from acting childishly, for arguments sake.

Oh, I know I'm seen to be a carping old curmudgeon,
That grumpy guy who perennially sees a half-empty glass,
There is no pedantic point I won't be the final judge on,
So many I'm familiar with consider me a pain in the ass.

I've spent a lifetime becoming a cold hardened cynic,
The look of lip-curling contempt's one I've long mastered,
When it comes to put-downs and disses I can put on a clinic;
So many bad-mouther's out there swear I'm a right bastard.

But I'll stop butting heads with other buttheads stubborn mules,
Just for now my flailing, railing and ranting days are done,
As I look at what's sprung into my life, my temperature cools;
Who dare argue I'm not blessed with the perfect grandson?

(Give me a month of silence and I'll be back, cooler and calmer. I'm sure...)
‘Flying off halfway across the world on what looks like Ron Burgundy Airlines.’


© Obbverse.

22 thoughts on “Time for a trip far away to see family, old and new; which means ya’ll get a well earned break from my long winded miseries.

    1. I sure will; the only downside will be when I get back and chronicle the trip; the boarding queues, the argument with the minion at Customs and Security, the calling over of the Senior Officer, then the strip searches, their apologies, the let jag- er, jet lag, the…

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  1. “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” –George Bernard Shaw

    There’s nothing wrong with being a “cold hardened cynic”….
    By George, it’s something more of us should mimic!
    And so I say from where I sit, I stand in awe
    Of those who goad as good as obbverse and Shaw.

    Have a great break!

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    1. Lol, thanks kindly, I will enjoy this trip, I know it.
      Accidental Discharge.
      I find it is best to vent,
      To retain anger is corrosive,
      It becomes a strain to prevent
      An outburst embarrassingly explosive.

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    1. Yes, a change of focus can do us a power of good. And I’m sure there is a whole wide woe- wonderful world of experiences out there that I can wax lyrical over later. See, already a reinvigorated and reformed character!

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  2. I don’t know what other people might be thinking about this persona you present, detailing the ranting hardness of your presumed nut of rebuttal, but I do know this: You have a grand and warm heart, despite your attempts to colorize such differently. The darker tinges of society wouldn’t bother you so much if you didn’t firmly believe in the good of lighter. Your hope shows its petticoats, despite the best laid plans of vice and when.

    Yes, I’m being a bit twee and mushy. But it’s well past midnight in these here parts and such things happen.

    Now, get your ass to Scotland and revel in the promise of new life and new hope…

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    1. Bah humbug Brian, I’m a gimlet-eyed Grinch through to my hollow chest cavity. Staunch, hard- oh screw it, I can be just a gooshy as the next guy, especially with this kid. I will raise a dram- actually, Drambuie- and toast Bonnywood on some intoxicatingly maudlin Edinburgh evening though.

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  3. Reading your poem felt like looking into a mirror. Sorry I missed this — and you — when you wrote it. Congratulations on the vaca and for getting a chance to see the new grandbaby. See you on the flipside — which may be now?

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