Qatar tells Budweiser to hide their drinking problem at the World Cup.

Left High And Dry.

If you've hauled ass to fabled and far off Qatar
There to feast your eyes on the Football World Cup,
Don't think you'll breeze into some friendly corner bar
Replete with some foamy sudsy Buds on which to sup.

Qatar authorities don't condone public drinking here,
They frown on out-of-towner's downing a cool beverage,
It doesn't matter if it's merely Budweiser's sLitest beer-
Stay way up in your hotel and clean out the mini-fridge.

No, do not go out once you're boozed in the bag,
And if you're a woman, don't dare show bare skin,
But then don't wrap yourself up in a rainbow flag,
Dressing gayly here appears to be a mortal sin.

Tourists flock to Qatar to watch the beautiful game,
Most used to emitting loud cheers and drinking freely,
Now some who were glad to come feel sad they came,
And is getting a skinful of Bud Lite all that sinful, really?
Kicking 'round the desert sure does build up a thirst-
What madness, sweating it out 'neath a swoonday sun!
My excitement over seeing the World Cup's already burst,
Druther be chillin' at home, knockin' back 'nother cold one.

 'Way more than feeling half empty'

Song for this dry and dusty post is 'Super 8' by Jason Isbell.


9 thoughts on “Qatar tells Budweiser to hide their drinking problem at the World Cup.

  1. I don’t think they ever intended to allow it, just strung Budweiser along for the promotions and commercials. Event properly hyped? I find it hard to believe they just changed their minds. Gotta do something in the hours between any action on the pitch!

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    1. To my way of thinking, you’re right. When a country/Royal family/regime is used to setting the rules- no questions asked- they don’t like to blur any lines. Its a big world stage though, and everything that’s staged is now front and centre.

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  2. So the sport spotlight shines bright on Qatar, hockey fans drop their sticks, golfers their putter, to watch…but the frustration of the sweaty masses in person is utter!
    Not a fan of Budweiser, though I freely admit to being a beer appreciator, but they got burned on this one…and I would think the ‘corporate world’ would take note and might not jump on next time Qatar want a world-class event. (By the way, why is ka-TAR now always seemingly pronounced ‘Cutter’?)

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    1. LOL. I enjoy the odd beer on the odd occasion too, but Bud puts a lie to the saying that ‘if it looks like a beer, smells like a beer… but tastes like piss, its not a beer. I feel for them- Bud- too but if you gamble in the desert you’re gonna get burned sometime.
      (I’ve tried Miller Lite too. Only once. Enough.)


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