About me.

Male, white, family man, happily married with two daughters, both grown and flown, the owner of a quiet suburban house in a quiet suburban street, the not-so-proud owner of a dark sober four-door Ford and, sadly, completely owned by a possessed and crazed cat. Sounds like someone somewhat to the Right of your typical boring boorish NIMBY Conservative? Sorry, I’m a long term Lefty, a liberal (no, Australians, not that kind of Liberal.) I have a deep distaste for mega-rich entitled dyed-hair blow-dried MAGA blowhards who may be poor at golf but are disastrous at playing a President. I enjoy good music, film, books, writing and sharing humour, and since the ever present and unwelcome Covid ushered in a welcome retirement, kicking back and relaxing. So now I’m attempting to live a life as easy and stress free as our idle ginger cat does. A whimsical notion but then, what is life without whimsy? I’ll attempt to raise a smile with satire, with humour, verse often light and sometimes dark. Anyway, welcome, try the fare, this just may may be your cup of bitter-sweet tea?