This is my first tentative step into blogging. It’s written with the intention of being, above all, a humourous site that looks and laughs at our human frailties follies futilities and failures. As a balance I’ll throw in the odd winning-against-the-odds post. No sacred cows shall be spared, be they religion, politics, sport, sex, whatever. But all done in the best possible taste! I’ll attempt this by using humourous wordplay, usually with a healthy dose of cynicism. Therefore I don’t expect this site to be rampantly popular- hey, I’ve lived long enough to know the limited appeal of satire. And of poetry. Yes, I’m trying to foist this on you by using poetry- and what’s more, poetry that should actually rhyme. Yes indeedy, in these days of unfettered unbridled rambling prose, a rare oddity! So, if this preamble hasn’t scared you off I’ll say… hello, and welcome to this hot eclectic monstrous mash-up. Shall we dance?

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Ok, ok, you badgered slothful old me into it. It’s a bright new day here, an election won by the right- in our case, the Left, so why not update the page while there’s a smile on my face?


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