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Is Fox News losing its shine?

Flying Out Of Fox.

First off was Roger Ailes,
Sexual harassment towards females
And Roger Ailes bails.

Next, O’Reilly, though he did deny it,
Fox paid out 13 million to keep things quiet,
Still, audiences didn’t buy it.

Out the door Billy went,
So the question, Bill Shine, Fox Co-President,
Was that hush money well spent?

Now Bill Shine will also resign,
But Fox, even without Ailes, O’Reilly and Shine
Holds more pricks than a porcupine.

Fox loses another friend. It’s almost as if somethings not quite right at the white noise station.

Cut Off In His Prime.

It’s goodbye to Mister O’Reilly,
How it pains him to be laid off,
The guy Fox ranked and paid so highly
Finds he, not those dames have been paid off.

Ask Bill how those base bitchy allegations hurt,
So many nasty ladies, so much scandalous talk,
All casting poor red-blooded Willy as a pervert,
Getting their claws into Foxes cock of the walk.

Losing those millions he was set to accrue
Is bound to stick painfully in his craw,
But worse, in his misogynistic view
Is ladies showing HIM the door.