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Off to Heaven Billy goes. He spread the word unceasingly on earth , now its Heavens turn.

Irreverent Eulogy.

The teary congregation lamented long and loud-
But then Billy Graham always drew a decent crowd-
At last the noted orator has been called up to the Lord
Gabriel glided down on a gilded chariot and said ‘hop aboard.’

Billy had been closing in on his centurion year
But he heard the trumpet calling, loud and clear.

Perhaps good God took note of his age and infirmity?
‘Tis sad, since it seems he’s rattled on for an eternity
So many sinning souls Billys saved by Billys word alone,
Using Gods good book and a bloody great big microphone.

Now that the impassioned Billy has gone to his well earned rest
Perhaps now he can give up prattling on like a man possessed?