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A pretty poor Halloween.

The Bitter Truth.

Halloween has come and gone,
Just like our stash of candy.
We’re left
Feeling bereft,
Both woebegone and put upon-
More cash would’ve come in handy.

Not quite knockin’ on Heavens door…

Chilly Reception.

The Jehovah’s witness have been banned
From President Putins cold soulless land,
No more seeing some sober suited group troop
Faithfully from door to door and stoop to stoop.

No more getting a dazzling smile and colourful tract-
The first lacking sincerity, the second, in fact,
Some think its an attack on the right to Belief,
For my ungodly family back East its a blessed relief.

God Give Me Strength.

…A perfectly fine day and a duo of shiny suited cyclists or some conservatively dressed throwbacks from the 1950’s come a’knocking on our door…They want us to see the light,I just want them to get out off my site.

Leave Me, In Peace.

If you’re pedaling a pushbike or peddling ‘Awake!’
Please, just take a hike, for your Gods and my sake,
Let’s not waste half the day away in senseless debate,
I believe we’ve nothing to say, so pray, stay BEHIND the gate.