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Earthquakes, Acts of God, or is God acting up?

A 7.8 earthquake, and out of the rubble comes a rabble-rousing self-styled Bishop blaming it on sinners, as a punishment for sins of the flesh. Oh well, free speech etc etc. Always good to know someone’s willing to reach out through the destruction and pick up the first stone…

The Messenger.

When our Terra Firma tips and lurches
We lapsed followers turn to the churches,
But in our time of tumult turmoil and need
Who asked that smooth pastor to intercede?

Truly, beware which church you shelter in;
It’s not in Bishop Brians Destiny to forgive sin,
He believes homosexuality causes earthquakes?
Physics-wise the Bishop’s proving no great shakes.

Pea brained.

Auld Acquaintance

Another day, another boring then earth shattering morning in Godzone.

Auld Acquaintance.

I’ll remember this added day, and this leap year,
A rare February twenty-ninth , a morning clear,
From the deepest slumber I awaken, shaken,
Babbling words from a faith long forsaken.

My sweet wife’s sentiments were of a similar vein,
Though far less Ecclesiastical than foully profane,
So thanks, Mother Nature for your ungodly gift;
Another unwelcome, unwanted Tectonic shift.

I suggested some warm milk and she said ‘Perhaps
If diluted in a mug with a slug of schnapps?’
Then back to bed, back to counting sheep-
No flocking chance of a return to sleep.