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Post Hearing; Don decides on a Declaration of intent.

Sorry, WHAT?

How now will the patriotic defenders of democracy regard Don?
What of his witterings on his Divine/Presidential right to pardon?
A call on which both Jeff and Don Junior most deafeningly agree?
I believe I heard Don perfectly clearly, but if I didn’t, pardon me.


There’s a great deal of Devil in the detail, as the artful Don will tell you.

Two Of His Chosen Ones.

Don gave Sessions his contract, Jeff gave it his perusal,
‘Blind obedience, believe the unbelievable’- Dons usual;
When he makes an offer The Don doesn’t take a refusal,
So Jeff hastily signed on, time later for regret- and recusal.

With Comey going Don has another offer to extend,
He welcomed in Robert Mueller like a long-lost friend,
Would this crushing handshake and Dons limits never end?
Now he’s mulled it over, Bob suspects Comey started a trend.

Don’s picks know sniffing around his personal folder
Tends to make his warm and welcoming eyes smoulder,
Jeff and Bob are turning away, looking over their shoulder,
The balmy Mar-a-lago days have turned unreasonably colder.

Another depressing Session, Donald?

Foolishly Forgetful.

Jeff Sessions is learning the hard way
That you should be aware of what you say
To foreign folk who might make you regret it.
Jeff made this mistake and SO wants to forget it.

Jeff, a Session with Sergey, who is HUGELY suspect
Should surely be something you should recollect,
Yet that conversation did not resonate with Jeff,
Or else Jeff is willfully, or skillfully, turning deaf.

Jeff now says his words were of little consequence,
Nothing to cause offence or harm national defence,
Jeff might not recall the details, but Don, rest assured-
Luckily Sergey diplomatically recorded Jeff’s every word.