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Little Willie- he’s having- or would have- had a cracking Christmas.

Hit And Myth.

Was it the sheer excitement of seeing Santa Claus
Overhead that caused Little Willie to drop dead?
The Coroners examination has found the cause-
A heavy blow to the cranium by a heavy sled.

Little Willie poems piqued my interest again. Dark humour, grim grimaces, eye and stomach rolling four-liners.

Dropping The Act.

Did high-wire Little Willie live to regret
His ill-practiced half pike with a twist?
He should’ve had a little bigger safety net;
Brittle Little Willie will be sadly missed.

White Knuckled Little Willie.

Little Willie went into the freezer box,
Its door contained no interior locks,
Now every new kitchen hand who goes in
And sees Little Willie is left chilled and frozen.