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What started as a short Little Willie poem somehow took on a life of its own: A short one, but a life nevertheless.

Sea Salt Air.

Crusty Ol’ Salt Willie, lighthouse keeper,
Chronic somnambulist and heavy sleeper
Wishes the circular stairs had been slightly steeper-
Then he might not have stumbled on the Grim Reaper.

When he reached the top
And the railing bid him stop
Why did his salt-lashed eyeballs not pop
Before the sphincter clenching long drop?

Pressed up against the trusty railing
Did Willie hear the rusty bolts failing?
Down went Willie, arms and legs a’flailing;
Willie, beware of ragged rocks when sailing.

When dawn and a bright brand new day appears
Do Willies wife’s searching eyes hold grave fears?
From high up on yon tower down she peers…
Willies wife’s eye’s well up with shallow tears.

As ‘oer the jagged rocks the sea gently swishes
Maritime Assurance remains mightily suspicious
As to how and why Wet Willie swims with the fishes,
But still, they gotta grant the widow a million wishes.



Little Willie poems piqued my interest again. Dark humour, grim grimaces, eye and stomach rolling four-liners.

Dropping The Act.

Did high-wire Little Willie live to regret
His ill-practiced half pike with a twist?
He should’ve had a little bigger safety net;
Brittle Little Willie will be sadly missed.

White Knuckled Little Willie.

Little Willie went into the freezer box,
Its door contained no interior locks,
Now every new kitchen hand who goes in
And sees Little Willie is left chilled and frozen.