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Musings from the byways and the highways.

Rolling Down That Road.

A cinematically inclined seven set off on an intrepid exploration,
Off to the wild south, to the ironically named Mount Potts station-
That far-off-the-beaten-track and most remote spot
Where Edoras, of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fame was shot.

We set bravely forth on the long drive to Edoras’s inspiration,
Rolling along in luxurious four-wheel drive transportation,
From on high we could all see an awful lot,
Like in the hatchback below, with its cargo of… what?!?!?

Those lush plants, laid low, became the centre of conversation,
Now, in the past my my interest lay in consumption, not cultivation,
But I could plainly see one thing that dopey driver forgot;
Don’t place precious plants ‘neath a glassy hatch if it’s hot.

At a roundabout he exited, and under acceleration
From exhaust AND cracked window came a smoky exhalation,
NOW it didn’t take no Sherlock to reveal the plot-
AND no need to wonder if it was pot or not.