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If you pick up that remote you might click onto something, something perverse and sick. It might well shake a God fearin’ soul to their very bones. No, don’t go there! That channel will show you stories that will make your eyes pop and your poor head spin.

Faux News.

Here at Fox the truth is told,
We cling to the standards of old,
We ALERT you of freedoms under attack,
We’re proud to have our great Presidents back,
We mean the right one, not the one who’s bla… Barrack.

Some say we’re racist, but to be fair
Only poor folk benefit from Obamacare,
Now, under our highly esteemed President
That money that would’ve been poorly spent
Can go to tax cuts for Dons deserving one percent.

Its for OUR flag and country that we stand-
For a place for (w)all in this, OUR Great land,
We listen- too patiently- to those who try us,
Damn loathsome Liberals, the unrighteous and impious,
Unpatriotic Lefty immigrant lovers who accuse us- US! of bias.

Not Rocket Surgery.

Donald Trumps Obamacare ‘Easy fix’ not quite going to plan.

Kick In The Guts.

Don said Obamacare was going to go,
Donald said it would be real easy,
But then when his Republicans voted ‘No,’
Donald was left looking sadly queasy.

He says the Democrats are to blame
For him not getting his way,
Surely even he knows that sounds lame,
But ‘sorry’ is not easy for Don to say.

Dons first confident step has left him stumbling
And apoplectically choking on his vow,
A bit of humble pie has Dons stomach a’rumbling-
Who and his promises are looking a bit sick now?