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Election time in New Zealand- neither Labour and National can govern without the help of the third minor party, New Zealand First, of which Winston Peters has loooooong held court. Now red and blue have to appease and appeal to Winston.

Rooting Around At Animal Farm.

Jacinda’s labouring to muster a grin
After a rough election night,
But if you think Bill’s celebrating with Win
You’d only be half right.

She seems sad today but she’s still young and green;
Tomorrow she won’t look as glum,
For three years hence she should be queen;
Then the princesses time will come.

In winning Bill still looks like a beaten dog
While Winston smirks like the Cheshire cat,
If the cost of victory means kissing the frog
Jacinda is grateful to Bill for sparing her that.


Another police shooting. And so another inquiry has begun. And the silence is already deafening.

The Same Old All Too Familiar Refrain.

Those served to protect us have done it again,
Another poor innocent schmuck has been slain,
He had hold of a metal bar, the cops saw it plain,
He treated their orders to halt with quiet disdain.

Those served to protect us have done it again.

The weapon in his hand he foolishly chose to retain;
Now came the moment of truth for which cops train,
One discharged his Taser, for there’s laws to maintain,
One discharged his gun, yet neither engaged their brain.

Those served to protect us have done it again.

Who is guilty, who is innocent, the Police will ascertain!
Luckily Sanchez’ loss of hearing might well prove their gain,
In life Sanchez had been silent, dead, silent he will long remain;
Its two fine officers word against his, and he sure can’t complain.

Those served to protect us have done it again.