Donald Trump runs his mouth off on being denied his free speech. Yet on and on and QAnon he talks.

Won't Go Quietly.

Don's taking his well-worn case to court again-
He simply wants to give his grievances full rein,
He's gonna sue Google, Twitter and Facebook,
A Great voice rendered mute we can't overlook.

He wants his rights to his free speech protected,
He wants his lines of communication reconnected,
For 'them' to hush his mouth sounds grossly unfair,
The fact his every word's a lie is neither here nor there.

It deeply pains him that he is so conspired against,
For his hurt feelings he must be heavily recompensed,
To be cut off from his huge audience leaves him cut up,
And the last Great President can't bear to be shut up. 

Donald loudly champions his idea of hate free speech,
But others he know might also feel free to over-reach,
As far as loose talk from ex-lawyers and business friends?
Right there's where Don's talk on free speech promptly ends.

                                                 ‘speak of the devil.’


UK Health and (overly) Social Minister Matt Hancock resigns; yet another one to add to the Conservatives stellar record of farcical farragos fumbles and foul-ups.

Top Blokes: Or So Deserving To Be.

Normally he'd relish seeing his name in the Sun papers heading
But bad news of Hancock's rash cock-up keeps nastily spreading.

Now Matt Hancock is butt the latest on the ever growing list
Of randy big boss men who've indulged in a Secretarial tryst,
Yet another dismaying married man/maid tawdry tacky story,
Another case of rules-for-the-masses don't apply to the Tory.

Now comes the crushing private family conference he's dreading-
Damn those pious words he faithfully trotted out at his wedding!

Boris' limp-wristed attempts at discipline make him easy to mock,
First came Damn Cummings going-ons, now this wanker Hancock,
Another once close bosom buddy resigns, gone off with the hump*
Before Boris, father of all bastards, tells him to take a flying jump.

Those True-Blue Conservative values are sure taking a shredding,
In light of these affairs, p'raps toss the Tories out with the bedding?

Both the country and his wife deserve to feel cheated and betrayed,
But don't forget he was willingly abetted with an extra-marital Aide,
Just typical two-faced Tory entitlement when we get Right down to it,
And all led by that blond man-child nightmare ex-mayor f#cking idiot.

*1/ Quaint British term for leaving in anger and disappointment .
2/ American uncouth slang for a casual sexual partner. (Use whatever you prefer,
either one works for me...)

Something about the mini guillotine seemed painfully apt.


In Texas Governor ‘Big Gun’ Abbott reckons it’s time to change a few laws- trust the Republicans to know what’s right for you- and them.

(You wanna gun in Texas ? Write a cheque and it’s yours, no questions asked. You wanna vote? Whoa there- now Governor Abbott wants to cross-check you.)

Texas Hold 'em.

'We don't take kindly to restrictions here, Son,
Soon here in Texas ya'll can carry round a gun,
And then, Son, ya'll won't need no licence or permit,
Son, we cain't wait for Governor Abbott to confirm it.'

'Soon, Son, strapped to your hip-
A Colt for your personal protection
Within it, a lawfully fully loaded clip
Thanks to Governor Abbotts election.'

'Son, the Second 'Mendment is our God given Right,
Us rebels Republicans chafe against restrictive oversight,
Soon, Son ya'll be free to pack a pistol without a Doctors note-
Shoot, Son, in Texas it's easier gettin' a gun than gettin' to vote!' 

'Son, once Abbot's doozy legislation's passed
Then he's on to checkin' out Voters Rights Time,
Then, Boy- if ya'll aim to cast your Democrat vote fast
Ya'll be stuck in lines longer than at Disney, Anaheim.' 


A quick word about the trifling matter of stifling free speech.

Hush Her Mouth.

We'll hear no more from Liz Cheney,
Her outlook's been seen as wild and zany,
Her old conservative view seem quaintly odd,
Lord, it seems Liz can't quite believe Don is God?

Why, she doesn't hold Don in thrall!
Or accept Don never lost to Joe at all?
Nor does she think Don is all that great!?!
So the GOP boss will end this Cheney debate.

How can she contrarily continue to deny
The simple  truth behind Don's big lie?
Why won't she grovel silent at his feet
And breath in the sour smell of deceit?

Don's lackey's know His will will not be thwarted,
Removing Liz is a process twisted and contorted,
But McCarthy and Co know how to toe Don's line,
All it takes is straight out lies and a lack of spine.

Still, McCarthy hears Don's word, so Mac acts,
He ain't one to deny Don's 'alternative facts,'
So, 'it's a bitch, Miz Liz, but you gotta go,
It's only a witch-hunt when Don says so.'



The Boris/Cummings spat sputters on- now there’s a foul smelling kettle of fish.

(A quick snide aside following the form of yesterday’s few lines.)

Two Deserving.

Dom and BoJo have lost the plot,
That terrible two make one sorry lot,
The old iron-clad brotherly bond is shot,
That once creepily friendship, now forgot,
Still mutually respectful- most definitely not!

Now they wouldn't share the same piss pot. 

Another few lines- these two deserve a half-decent hearing.

Two Sad.

Dominic and BoJo both realise
Their relationship has hit its demise,
Farewell twisted bonds, Old School ties-
Whatever Dominic accuses, Boris denies,
But who could you trust to believe whose lies?

This couldn't happen to two déclassé-er guys.

‘Public Schoolboys will be silly boys.’


Don takes a golden opportunity to address CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. Talk about a new slant on rock solid values and old school beliefs!

Pure Solid Pyrite.*

Whatever happened to the good ol' Conservative?
Those who serve their country, long as they may live?
Those who yearn to not take it all, but to humbly give?

Where now are those leaders, those ol' salts of the earth?
Who knew the the value of sweat, what hard work is worth?
Why would one revere this man, made a billionaire by birth?

Good ol' values long gone, now old dirty money talks,
Nowadays it's 'carry a big stick, smack anything that walks,'
Around the tower of power the Big Bad Boogeyman still stalks.

There's a statue of Trump proudly displayed at CPAC?
The old bold gold-plated Tin God is mounting a comeback!
Can't the eyes of the wise perceive something's out of whack?

Behind his thin skin of gilt'n'glamour lies a cold heart of brass,
A false idol with tons of bullshit bullion but not an ounce of class;
Still  fools bow low, blinded by the shine of this massive stuck-up ass.

*Pyrite: AKA Fools Gold.



The Great Lone Star State’s Ted Cruz tries to weather his trip storm.

Holiday Cruz.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz just take the cake?
Taking time off in Cancun for a winter break?
What a tropical hot spot Teddy has chosen
Especially when his home state is frozen.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz's thinking take some beating?
His one day in the sun sure feels all too fleeting,
Now he's back, flush faced, looking none too thrilled
About getting grilled over leaving his constituents chilled.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz's excuses take out first prize?
His taking a sojourn down South wasn't too wise,
'Protect our Great borders' strikes a dry hollow note-
Those Washington speeches now stick in his throat.

Well, doesn't Ted Cruz's cool logic simply take it all?
Once happy to build on and bolster Don's border wall,
Now with the frosty reception our border jumper's getting
His thoughts turn toward re-election- boy, now he's sweating.

‘Poor Ted- feeling not so Rio Grande?’


How to weigh and balance the evidence in a just and fair manner. Or, perversely, alternatively, the Right one.

Mob Mentality.

The impeachment trial of Don's January actions
Is seen vastly differently by the two rival factions,
Democrats are all for piling on now departed Don-
They want him impeached and legally real real gone.

Republicans are all too happy to forgive and forget-
Stirring up Trump's mad mob can still cause regret,
Evil is seen heard and said, but they'll keep on denying,
Those simple silent Republican jurors are hardly trying.

‘Making ‘Merica Gag Again.’



It’s here! A cure for chronic insomnia, available at last after an exhaustive four year trial.

Morning Has Woken.

Isn't it great to wake with a smile in the morning
And find the world's not facing another Armageddon?
That  trusted policy hasn't flipped without warning,
There's no mobs clogging the streets he's wittingly egged on?

Isn't it a great comfort knowing there's a calm hand on the tiller,
To not be Bermuda Triangle bound, led by a First Class egocentric,
Back on a course charted by someone with a functioning Amygdala
Not by some Captain Crazy, sailing in circles increasingly eccentric?

Isn't it great to gratefully head happily to bed at night
Knowing in ten minutes you'll be peacefully snoring?
That yesterdays fading red dawn is turning blue and bright,
The days will be quiet, safe, secure and delightfully boring?

Isn't it great to not wake with the cold sweats
Without night terrors brought on by ghastly Tweets?
Not dry-heaving with gut-wrenching tummy upsets
With no further need for Laudanum or rubber sheets?