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Roger Ailes leaves Fox and steps up to towards his reward.

In The Detail.

Roger Ailes has gone up to meet his Redeemer,
The hard-nosed old news hound is going home,
Saint Peter looked up at the abrasive old schemer
Then back down to check him in his weighty tome.

Rog watched the febrile fingers creep down the page;
A blessed eternity was what the saint was going to take,
Oh, Good Lord, you’re still using books in this digital age?
Couldn’t You update the Pearly Gatehouse, for Pete’s sake?

Rog grumbles as Saint Peter kept short sightedly looking,
Till Saint Peter found a note to which to Rog he gladly relayed,
‘The Management regrets that it has transferred your booking,
You poor soul, don’t you recall that Damned great deal you made?’