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What’s The Big Deal?

Kieran Foran signs a one year deal with the Warriors. Parramatta left in the dust
as he comes over the ditch, away from the influence of ‘friends’, bookies,
relationships, hamstring troubles. A man with a few demons to deal with.
If he’s looking for a tranquil, easy going, predictable club to ply his trade with
then good luck! To him and the Warriors coach.

What’s The Big Deal?

Who’s seen that manly man around the Warriors compound?
Someone keen to be Auckland (and contractually) bound,
Someone who’s been one poor clubs loss will soon be found
Sprinting between the TAB and the training ground.

Walking back to the hometown, she’s been a tough road,
But a stack of cash should clear any debt that he’s owed,
Now back in the black and rarin’ to move into his new abode;
Let’s go pack up that baggage, a veritable container load.

No, it’s not fair on those loyal fans clad in blue and gold
In despair that their salary cap captain’s left the fold,
A nightmare for the boardroom too, but if truth be told
They’re probably relieved that the pup’s been on-sold.

Few can deny that the man comes with all the tricks,
Just the you want to add to the wobbly Warriors mix,
After 22 losing years lets welcome the lad with the fix
To the team with a penchant for failed drop kicks.

Swimming Hole.

Ryan Lochte, 32 year old swim star at Rio Olympics ‘over-exaggerated’ events at a gas station, mistaking immature behaviour by himself and three other swimming team mates as a robbery. He has his point of view. His sponsors, Ralph Laurn, Syneron Candela and Speedo dropped him like a slippery fish. Perhaps they don’t share his whimsical idea of saying he was less than truthful?

Deep In The Creek.

For years Ryan Lochte has been on a winning streak,
In Rio he’s entitled to feel he’s swimming at his peak,
But suddenly the Golden boys rich future’s looking bleak
Since his fishy tale of robbery in Rio has begun to reek.

Truth to tell his excuses sound wet and weak,
His halting apology IS a sad apology- so to speak,
Its no over-exaggeration calling it bare assed cheek
And its no lie, seeing Lochte lost his Speedos this week.

All The Fun OF The Fair.

A note on Mister Illingworth’s no-ball call at the recent test New Zealand V Australia.

All The Fun Of The Fair.

There’s nothing that matches
A jolly day day down at the cricket,
There’s acrobatics and flying catches,
All for the price of a Basin Reserve ticket.

Voges batting was inspired,
Entertaining, well worth the money,
As for how Dick Illingworth umpired-
Call it laughable, but don’t call it funny.