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Take this job and shove off; Shooing the messenger. After six months of spitting in the eyes of the closest reporters Sean’s been spat out.

Muttering Away.

What a pity for poor Mr Spicer,
All he got was pain and strife,
Will his sad life now get nicer
Now he can get a (quiet) life?

After all Sean’s double talk
Don has single-mindedly spoken,
Sean’s shuffled off for a quiet walk,
Oh, long may the silence be unbroken.

For an embattled President is it that old familial feeling?

Son Of A Gun.

It’s tense around the Presidents inner sanctum,
Lately Donald’s been throwing the odd tantrum,
Criticism of his tweeting is bound to get his ire up,
But mention Russian meddling and see Don really fire up.

Fealty and loyalty to El Presidente is a prerequisite,
And that’s not too much to ask of mere hirelings, is it?
But doubt him and he’ll stomp around till the walls shake-
Don’t talk of walls now though, that’s no borderline mistake.

On tippy toe, ever so silently round Don his serfs go-
Spicer’s reduced to blinking once for yes, twice for no,
Lately family, like Ivanka, stand in and speak on his behalf,
But nepotism’s over now, Don Juniors dumber than the staff. *

* Yeah, I know, the last line is un-PC these days. Whatever.

The master communicator strikes again!

Sean Spicer illuminates another Press Conference with his usual skill and aplomb. Chemical weapons and a faulty memory about Hitlers history causes upset, and on Passover too. Perhaps he’s talked himself out of a job?

A Thinkless Task.

Poor hapless Sean must rue
His hopeless bumbling interview
As he babbled on the feeling grew
That he was showing how little he knew.

When he thinks it through-
Now there’s a novel thing to do-
He may think an apology is overdue,
But who expects Sean to think and talk too?

Past unfettered lips unwise words flew,
What a pity so few would prove to be true,
Someone get Sean a history of World War Two;
By his own words he has proved he hasn’t a clue.